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Awesome God! How Great thou art! You are God! You are not human. We lift our hands in worship. We lift our hands in praise! Awesome God! Awesome God!! The trees shake at Your sound. The mountains quake at Your Voice. The oceans tremble at Your Word. Thank You for this week so far. Thank You for Your love. Thank You for Your protection. Thank You for journey mercies. Thank You for Provision. Thank You for Grace. Thank You for reminding us of the immediate presence of the end time. Thank You for the numerous signs. Thank You for keeping the Church intact in the midst of this fierce persecution. Oh Lord! Teach us to number our days that we may incline our hearts to wisdom. Lead us daily to the path of truth. Let Your Love burn every works of flesh in our life. Make us stay far from little foxes that spoil the vine. Lord! Help us to break every dirty habit. Save us from besetting sins. Rescue us from all the things we do in secret. Search our hearts and see if there be any hidden thing in

HELP US LORD 17/07/2012

Our God Most High!   Your Seat is beyond the sky We bow down. We praise You. We see each day your mercies are new. Our God Almighty! Your Power is beyond mighty We knee before you. We worship We see each day your renewed friendship. Our God Strong in battle! Your Throne is beyond the tallest castle. We honour you. We stand in Your Praise. We see each day that you are the father of Grace.   Our God Blessed Father of Compassion! Your Love is beyond comprehension. We stand in awe. We Love you die. We see each day Your Loving fire. You promised us an expected end. You did a miracle in Acts that made the people confess that "indeed this miracle is a notable one"! Do for us a notable miracle this week that will make men to glorify you. You said we shall be head and not tail. You said we shall be first and not last. You said that we shall eat the fruit of the land. Father we don't want to eat the bad fruits but the good ones.   You said that the earth is Yours and the fullness t


I need a touch of green and white Maybe a green and white wig will do With a green sun shade The colar of my shirt will be green A white shirt with green sleeves A green troussers with a white belt White socks Maybe my troussers will be a jumper To enable my white socks to be visible Of course with a white laced green shoe This will do for the celebration

DIRECT US OH LORD 13/07/2012

Precious Saviour. My King and My Lord. Invincible Mentor!  Unseen Chairman in My Occasions. The Director of My Life's Drama. The Producer of My Existence. The Script Writer. You provide the cast of my daily going out and coming in. You have costumed my Life. The Continuity of my story. The Stage Light of my movements. You screen play my life on daily basis. You cut my actions whenever I go off sc ripts. You make my life up for better appearance. You are my promoter. You are my marketer. Thank You Gracious Executive Director and Producer of My Super Story. Thank You the Author and Finisher of My Biography. I am Your Child and You are My father. My Father! My Father!! My Father!!! My Father!!!! My Father!!!!! My Father!!!!!! My Father!!!!!!! My Father!!!!!!!! My Father!!!!!!!!! My Father!!!!!!!!!! We your humble children have come to You in appreciation of the week and previous weeks. You've made our life so beautiful. You've directed our daily activities. you didn't allo

THANK YOU LORD 04/07/2012

Gracious Father!  Our help and our hope! The comforter of the righteous. The Hand behind the steering of my life. The Link that leads me to the Light. We cannot thank You enough. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank Y


Heavenly Father! The God of wonders! The only true God! Dependable Father! Reliable God! God of love and fire! The merciful Father! You are a consuming Fire! Thank You for the living. The You for those you have called back home. Thank You for forgiving. Thank You for Your mercy that is yet to come. We appreciate You for keeping us through out last week and bringing us safe to this week. Blessed  be Your Holy and Mighty Name. We humbly bow before Your Throne of Mercy and seek for Your mercy. As Your Church face this end-time intense persecution, give us the grace to abide in the True Vine. We are Your branches, may we not be cut off. May we not wither away. May we stand spotless and blameless before You always. May we be ready for the rapture. O Lord! Help us to live a holy and truthful life every moment, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year. If we live our life one moment at a time in righteousness, we know that we can live the rest of


My Father My Father!! The Ocean divider. The Great I AM that I AM! The Only One who can not change but can change things. That's why we call You the unchangeable Changer! We Your little children have come to you in thanksgiving for the past week. Thank You for Life. Thank You for hope. Thank You for assurance of salvation. Thank You for the soul that was won back to Your Kingdom yesterday. We than k You for the souls you received back to You yesterday! You said in Your Word that in this world we shall have tribulation but we should not be discouraged for You have conquered the world. Father! As Your Church faces this end time persecution, give us the grace to prepare for eternity. Help us to be consciously aware that the coming of Jesus Christ is near and help us to put our foundation in order so as to go with You. We are asking You to uphold us with Your Right Hand of Righteousness and may we never be left behind! We ask for courage to confront the challenges and pressure of this


Oh Lord my God! When I in awesome wonder, considered all the works your Hands had made. You made all things beautiful. You made us wonderful and fearful. You made the sky and made the earth. All things belong to you. We praise You. We honour You. We reverence You. We exalt You high and high! Thank You Father for the privilege You have given to us to enjoy your creation.  Thank You for the mer cies You give without connection. Thank You for new love You bestows on our generation. Thank you for protection. Thank You for provision. Thank You for salvation. Thank You for direction. Thank You for Nigeria our nation. Thank You for My friends. Thank You for wiping our tears. Thank You for My Family members. Thank You for taking our pains. Thank You for the Families of the Dana crash victims. Thank You for comforting their souls. You are God of marvelous signs & Miracle. You are not a GP tank but You are are ever durable. You are not a mallam but you own millions of cattle. You are not in


Lord! Thank You. I am thanking You because You are God and no man can question you. Thank You taken what You gave. Thank You for the hope we have in Christ Jesus. Thank You because if our hope is in this world we would have been most miserable.  Thank You for Nigeria. Thank You for My Friends. Thank You for my Family. Thank You for My Alvana. Thank You for My Life. Thank You. Lord, this is a new  week. We plea for Mercy and Grace. Search our hearts and take out every hidden thing in us. Help us to prepare for the coming of Jesus. Help us to prepare for Heaven. There are so many things contending for our Christain walk with You. Help us to win the battles with flesh everyday every minute. Help us to be rapturable everyday of our lifes. That when the roll is called up yonder, we will not be found wanting. Take away the garment of shame and reproach from us and wear us the garment of righteousness. Make us hate sin. Make us sinless. Make us sin free. Make us reject sin and sin's acces

LET THEM SINK! 28/05/2012

My Father in Heaven. Your Majesty! Excellency is only truly defined in You. You are Perfect and Beautiful beyond descriptions. You are a Man of war. And the LORD is Your Name. Your right hand, O LORD, is become glorious in power: Your right hand,  LORD, hath dashed in pieces the enemies. Thank You Lord. Thank You precious Redeemer. Thank You Most Sovereign God. We thank You because that's all we ... can use to pay You for all You have done. This is another week. A glorious week. A week to celebrate victory over all known and unknown enemies and disturbing challenges. We are faced everyday with darts and arrows from the wicked camp. But we are sure of victory in Christ Jesus. We pray that in the greatness of Your Excellency that You will overthrown them that rise up against us. Please Lord, send forth Your wrath and consume them as stubble. When the enemies say that they will pursue us, overtake us, and draw their sword to destroy us, blow Your wind o Lord and let the sea cove

WE NEED RECOVERY! 21/05/2012

Gracious Father. The Most Sovereign God! Blessed Redeemer! Faithful Father. Heaven and Earth adore You. Angels bow before You. You are Beautiful! It is my pleasure to thank You this morning for all the seen and unseen battles You have fought for Me, My Family, My Friends and My country Nigeria last week. We are most grateful to You for this new week. Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! Precious Fa ... ther. This is the week of Victory and New Achievements. Against all odds, You can make a loser turn a winner. Against diverse challenges, You can enthrone the unexpected. Against whoever the world prefers, You can give the trophy to whoever You wishes. Not because they deserve it. Not because they are the best candidate. But because You show mercy to whom You will show mercy. None can question this right of Yours. No house of Reps can sit to debate over it. You own the whole world.   With this knowledge Lord, We have come to you that You will bless us indeed, and enlarge our coast, and th


My God! The Most High God. The Most Righteous God. The Most Holy God. The Only True God. Creator of Heaven and Earth. Thank You. We bless you oh God of Heaven and Earth! We adore You. You are the impossibility Specialist. The Miracle Inventor. The Mercy Architect. The Grace Engineer. You have engineered our life to live at your Mercy and by your Grace. You are our life's Accountant. Our Future's B ... anker. Our Family's investor. The sole shareholder of our entire being! The only employer that allows us to use His assets to generate wealth and demands only 10% from us. The invincible Consultant. Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! We live our life each day to honor and worship You. I thank You for this country Nigeria. I thank You for all My Friends. I thank You for My Family. I thank You for My Life. I can't thank You enough. You are the one that gives us power to make wealth. I have come to your cross with the gifts of my hand. You said that a man's gift makes

MAY WE NOT SEE EVIL 10/05/2012

Father! I come to you like a child who had erred would come to His father. I have lived a life of ingratitude this week. The week is almost gone and I am yet to thank you for the previous week. Please Father! My Father!! Precious Father!!! Forgive me. Forgive us all that have not showed appreciation to You for your countless blessings you have showered on us. As we approach this weekend, may we fi ... nd rest from all our toils and labors. May You lead us like a Shepherd and may You feed us like a Father. For those of My Country men & women, Friends and Family members that will travel, may You grant all journey mercies and may You be a Shield for Us all. Let us not see evil. Let evil not see us. Bless us! Bless us!! Bless us!!! Give someone reading this a reason to testify this weekend in Jesus Name! Amen!

DIRECT US O LORD! 30/04/2012

Glory! Praise be to You Most High God. We are here again to Appreciate You for last week. We are grateful that We all were not consumed. For the lives that were taken, we commit to You. Thank You! We honour You. We have found ourselves in this new week ushering us to the month of May. You alone can do this for us. We thank You for Nigeria. We thank You for Our Families. We thank You for Our Friend ... s. And We thank You for We! Almighty God! We knee before Your Throne of Mercy and Grace today and We pray that you protect us this week. Let our joy be full and let us see the benefits of calling You Our father. For those that are stranded and confused in Life, send help and directions to them. Let your light shine in our Lives through out this week. We have prayed in Jesus Name. AMEN!

WE NEED IDEAS 24/04/2012

Thank You Lord! I am thanking you for the things You have done. I am thanking You for the things You are doing. I am thanking You for the things You will yet do. Last week was full of storms and stubborn waves but You helped Me, My Family, My Friends and My Nigeria to the shore. So many arrows were directed at us but we never saw them near us. Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! We are already in ... a new week and we are already seeing Your good hand-works in our Life, Ministry and Work. Please, Lord let this week end with unexpected testimonies. Give business ideas to My Colleagues that are looking for jobs. Cause them to become employers of labour instead of job seekers. Help them to ignore what man has written on that paper called certificates and to focus on what You have written in the heart called gifts. This prayer is through Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen!!!

A PURE HEART 17/04/2012

The God of all Flesh. Unto you shall all honour and glory be. Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! I knee here in reference of the beautiful world you have created. From above, You watch over Me, My Family, My Friends and My Nigeria. For watching over Your own, thank You. For keeping Your Own far from evil, thank You. For the previous week, thank You. For this week, thank You. Please Lord, search ... our hearts eachday of this week. Help us to control our thoughts. We need your grace to allow only pure thoughts. Help our hearts to be pure all the time for out of it come the issues of life. If my heart is pure, Nigeria will be good. If the hearts of my Family memebers are pure, Nigeria will be great. If the hearts of my Friends are pure, Nigeria will be be developed. If the hearts of Nigerians will be pure, the world will be a better place. Give us a pure heart this week. We ask in Jesus Name. AMEN! AMEN!! AND AMEN!!!

PEACE 10/04/2012

Father! Thank you for Easter! Thank you for Nigeria during this Easter period. Thank you for preserving the lifes of my friends and family members. Let this week be great! Let us enjoy the victory that comes with the resurection of your Son Jesus. Let Nigeria experience peace on all sides. Bless the works of our hands. We lift up our hands and receive from You. We ask in Jesus name. Amen!

TOUCH NIGERIA 26/03/2012

My Heavenly Father! The unchangeable changer!! The Miracle specialist!!! Omere Impossibilities possible!!!! I have come again on my knees. I lift my hands to you today in appreciation of all the lovely things you did for me, my Friends, my Family and my Nigeria last week. You alone can do all these. Father, I want to touch heaven this week so that heaven can touch My Life, My Family, My Friends and My Nigeria. You alone know the areas of our life and country that needs touch. Please, go ahead and touch those areas so that before the end of this week people will know that we have being touched by God! I ask this in Jesus name. Amen!


Dear Lord! I thank you for the victories of last week and for journey mercies You granted Me, My family, My Friends, My enemies and My Nigeria. Saving Father! Blessed Redeemer!! Loving King!!! This week, I trace my way back to where I first met you. Where you turned my darkness into light! Lord, you know it hasn't been easy with me and I have not been faithful in carrying my little cross. I know I ... have left my first love and I have been dragging my feet in following you. Heavenly Father, as I reflect on the PAINS OF THE CROSS, I also embrace the PASSION OF CHRIST and the PROMISE OF CALVARY. Lord as I find my way back, let My Family, Friends and Enemies also find their way back and let those that have not known your Son accept Him as their Lord and personal saviour. And above all, let the Lordship of Christ be enthroned in My Great Country Nigeria. I ask all these in Jesus Name. Amen!


Father! My Father!! My Loving Father!!! Thank you for last week. For your protection and provision for my Family, my Friends and my Nigeria. Thank you for answered prayers last week. I have come again before You today but I don't know which position I will take for you to answer these prayers fast fast. Please Lord, take away my confusions and grant me peace of mind. Please Lord, give me clear directions to enable me take fast decisions this week. Don't allow my friends to be put to shame this week and grant my family divine favour this week. Put the enemies of Nigeria to shame and confuse their gatherings. I ask all these in Jesus name. Amen

HELP NIGERIA 12/03/2012

Lord, as I knee before you let challenges and errors knee before me this week. Let foolishness knee before your wisdom in my life. Please Lord, let storms knee before my friends and family and bless them this week. Please Lord, let your enemies repent this week and let your kingdom increase on earth. Please Lord, let bombs not explode in Nigeria this week. In Jesus Name. AMEN!


27th May, 2012. Dear unborn children, Today is children’s day down here. So I am wishing you HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY! I guess you mum will be wishing you much more now. I am not with her yet. I am yet to see her. I wished you were here already but maybe it’s ok you are not here yet. It’s fortunate and unfortunate that you are coming into a country that does not have a working system. In this country the Government doesn’t care about children’s welfare, so, it’s my duty and responsibilities to ensure your welfare and to provide for you. I am trying to prepare for your coming so that you will not come here and start sleeping on mats.


CREATIVE TOASTERS It’s always a great time for me to toast bread for breakfast whenever there is light from PHCN and if there is bread in the house. Of course we can count how many times these conditions are complete. Toasting bread could be an interesting thing to do especially in the morning. Somehow, this is now a routine and so we take advantage of the very few times we get remembered by our dear PHCN to toast bread for breakfast. Depending on PHCN could be frustrating because of the epileptic power supply especially in my area. A flash of light from PHCN could get the whole house gleaming with joy. So, like every other good time, PHCN came visiting this morning. I was alarmed by the joyous shouts of little children from the batcher estate near my house “up NEPA! Then I looked ah! There is light... I knew the next thing to do -toast bread. Mama calls almost immediately “Bola! Inotide o”! “I know” Bola replied. Then she told me to do the expected when there is bread and light.