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DIRECT US OH LORD 13/07/2012

Precious Saviour. My King and My Lord. Invincible Mentor! 

Unseen Chairman in My Occasions. The Director of My Life's Drama. The Producer of My Existence. The Script Writer. You provide the cast of my daily going out and coming in. You have costumed my Life.
The Continuity of my story. The Stage Light of my movements. You screen play my life on daily basis. You cut my actions whenever I go off scripts. You make my life up for better appearance. You are my promoter. You are my marketer.

Thank You Gracious Executive Director and Producer of My Super Story.
Thank You the Author and Finisher of My Biography.
I am Your Child and You are My father.

My Father! My Father!! My Father!!! My Father!!!! My Father!!!!! My Father!!!!!! My Father!!!!!!! My Father!!!!!!!! My Father!!!!!!!!! My Father!!!!!!!!!!

We your humble children have come to You in appreciation of the week and previous weeks. You've made our life so beautiful. You've directed our daily activities. you didn't allow the arrows by day and pestilence by night to touch us. We as children don't know the right paths to follow but You have led us to green pastures.

Heavenly Father! Most High! Most High!! Most High!!! Most High!!!! Most High!!!!! Most High!!!!!! Most High!!!!!!! Most High!!!!!!!! Most High!!!!!!!!! Most Highhhhhhhhhhh!

We pray that only Your counsel will be effective in our life. Lead us to the right paths. Help us make the right decisions. Help us take the best choice. Help us to find our way always. Help us not to leave your paths. Help us not to derail from Your Word. Help us not to despise Your
Grace. Help us to stand for the truth. Help us to avoid mistakes and help us to do the right things always.

We ask for Your favour. As we enter into this weekend, cause us not to loose sight of Your Ways. Make us true custodians of Your Gospel and make the weekend a beautiful one.

For any one going through crisis and hard times, Lord bring solution and peace.
For someone that needs to make a decision this weekend, help them make the right one.
For all of us oh Lord, take us as Your Child and do not judge us in our foolishness. Help us to live a daily righteous Life through the righteousness of Christ Jesus.
We bring our petitions through the Name above all names, JESUS! AMEN!!!


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