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Heavenly Father! The God of wonders! The only true God! Dependable Father! Reliable God! God of love and fire! The merciful Father! You are a consuming Fire!

Thank You for the living. The You for those you have called back home. Thank You for forgiving. Thank You for Your mercy that is yet to come.

We appreciate You for keeping us through out last week and bringing us safe to this week. Blessed be Your Holy and Mighty Name.

We humbly bow before Your Throne of Mercy and seek for Your mercy. As Your Church face this end-time intense persecution, give us the grace to abide in the True Vine. We are Your branches, may we not be cut off. May we not wither away. May we stand spotless and blameless before You always. May we be ready for the rapture.

O Lord! Help us to live a holy and truthful life every moment, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year. If we live our life one moment at a time in righteousness, we know that we can live the rest of our life in righteousness. So, help us to say no to sin and yes to holiness one moment at a time.

O Lord! Please keep us safe from the evil days. Base on Your Unchangeable and Solid Word, we shall eat deadly things and they shall not harm. The enemy may gather but not for us. They will lay ambush for themselves. Cause them to be put to shame. Your Church will march on and the gate of hell will never prevail against us.

We ask for directions and protections in this present Nigeria.
Keep Our Families. Keep Our Friends. Keep Us. Keep Nigeria.
Send Peace and Revival to the Northern Nigeria.
Shake off all the evil men. Let this war stop. Be a shield for true Christians in the north. For those that have not accepted Jesus as Lord and personal Saviour, please Lord let them not perish in their sins. For those in Church and still toiling with sin, please Lord show them a glimpse of hell and the punishment that awaits false Christians.

O Lord! Give us safety and success this week. Help us to overcome sin, sickness, sorrows and satan.

Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! We pray in Jesus Name!


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