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 At about afternoon yesterday 10th May, 2015, I was busy putting finishing touches to a report in my office. Suddenly, (Can someone say SUDDENLY) I began to perceive that something burning. The smell got so bad that I switched off the wall socket in my office before my cheap laptop go burn. Since the office of one of the Firm's Partners was close to me, she perceived the same smell as we both ran out of the office towards the Electricity Change Over. The receptionist had also run out wondering where this "loud" smell was coming from. As we got outside the office building we noticed that the Sales Girls of the Supermarket close to us had also ran out. What was burning? " Chai "! " Chimo "! People were screaming as smoke engulfed a new Toyota Siena (Whatever Model). In that confused state, I didn't have time to take pictures (That will be so cruel). The owner of the car ran to and fro the car not knowing exactly what to do. 1. Did he forge