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Looking at the picture above you will want to ask some questions? Some of the questions that may be going through your mind could be;
(1) Is this real?
(2) 100%?
(3) How does this work?
(4) Are people really into this thing?
(5) How long will it last?
(6) Will it crash?

After Donald Trump emerged the President Elect of the United States of America, someone said that "Electing Donald Trump is like MMM, a lot of sensible people are into it but you will not know". The questions to ask are;
(1) Are you into it?
(2) Do you believe in stuffs like this?
(3) Is it working for you?
(4) Is it paying your bills?
(5) Do you want it to last forever?
(6) Are you scared that it will end one day?

What is your opinion about the CONTROVERSIAL but HELPFUL MMM?

To clear some of your doubts about the reality on ground and to stress the point that MMM is becoming the FUTURE for so many Nigerians here are some of my observations and thoughts;

A parent in one of the schools in Port Harcourt who has three Kids in one School told the School Administrator that he paid the School Fees of one of the Kids from the profit he made from MMM and the reason he has not paid the School Fees for the remaining two Kids is because he is expecting another alert from MMM. 

My Thoughts on this: This Father has found a solution to one of his numerous challenges. With the level of downsizing in the Oil Sector (Of which Port Harcourt is major hit), you can understand that people are looking for a way out of the economic hardship and crisis. So, will you advise this Man against MMM?

Yesterday I went to see my Doctor. they checked me and my BP was on the high side. She asked me what the problem is and I told her I am looking for money. And she asked me "Are you into MMM?" Doctor? MMM? She said "Yes". Of course, I told her I don't do any form of Network Marketing and I that I don't have that time. She informed me that a lot of people in their clinic are into MMM and that one of her patients brought laptop to register her. She also informed me that one of her Patients told her that her HOUSE RENT is already complete and she is expecting more alerts because she had registered her children, her siblings and her father. The Patients told the Doctor that she pays her siblings and father some commission for using their bank account number to receive other alerts.

My Thought on this: This woman is a Housewife and she has been into other NETWORK MARKETING. Of course, it is obvious that since the advent of MMM we longer here a lot about the other NETWORK MARKETING. Th Doctor confirmed this. Obviously, my Doctor wanted my opinion because I perceive that she is under pressure to join. I simply told her that I don't advise people against any form of Network Marketing but I also don't get involved. She has to advise herself.

Have you not noticed? You better go out now and check out the ATMs. They are becoming so busy these days. My Doctor told me that she and her husband were driving pass their street the other and the man asked her if an election was going on. Of course, it was an ATM QUEUE. I have been observing the ATMs for a while and the queue is something else. Even my boss in the office had observed this.
My Thought on this: People are now busy! There is no employment! Organizations are downsizing! Businesses are not doing much because of Dollar Issues. Even when you have stock people don't buy easily these days. The cost of commodities is rising every day. The MONEY pressure is on the high side. What do you want people to do? Salaries have not been increased rather they are been reduced and yet basic things are going high. Even common drugs are no more common. People are sick and need to buy their drugs. The NEED for MONEY is increasing. What do you want people to do? The Banks are deducting numerous charges that can't be explained. Are you want people to leave their money in there? No way! They better take it and keep it where they will get 100% after one month. Wow!!!! Even me, myself, I can't still believe it (Don't mind my English). 

Have you ever tried to talk to an MMM person about the dangers of MMM? Go and try! You will see the reaction. That can only come from someone who has a Stake and who is seeing the INVESTMENT PAY OFF after few weeks. These people can go any length to write long pages just to defend MMM. One of them even said that "You people are praying that MMM should crash meanwhile we are smiling to the bank everyday". Very good! I hope they are also paying their tithe (Should MMM Members pay Tithe from MMM Profit?) and also smiling to the Tax Office (Should MMM Members pay Tax from MMM Profits). One of the young and new MMM investor told me that the Nigerian MMM Community is waiting till December 2016 and see how things pan out. She said that if the Community stays till January 2017 then they will know it will never crash.

My Thought on this: This is the alternative to GOOD GOVERNANCE that people have been looking for. The MMM Community is HELPING them more than the NIGERIAN COMMUNITY. Can you do what MMM is doing for them? Who you elp? 

Before you judge those in MMM, you may need to look at the IDEOLOGY behind what they do. Below was copied directly from the MMM Global site;

"The modern world is bad. It is inhumane, unfair and unjust. This is the world of money. It is not for people. It is for those who who produce this money, for bankers and financiers, government and millionaires. And people are mere "pawns" in this game. They just serve them as attendants. Why do bankers work less and earn a hundred times more? What lies behind the social welfare? Labor. But why do bankers live a hundred times better than common people who really work hard? Do the bankers work harder? Definitely they don't! In addition they do not even produce any material values, as opposed to the workers. Why then the difference in income is so enormous. Actually, people don’t need a lot of money. They need consciousness that they have it. Confidence in tomorrow’s day is what everybody really needs. It is just MMM that gives this confidence! It gives a feeling of partnership, that you aren’t alone! At the difficult moment you will never be abandoned but you will always be helped and supported! MMM is a unit of new society, brighter and better. New world, where there won’t be money. Current money. Where everything will be otherwise… Fair and honest. Where there won’t be any slaves or owners. Where everybody will work for their own pleasure and for the whole society. Where Good will defeat Evil! It will be so! There are no doubts!! Welcome to the System! Together we will change the world!"

My Thought on this: The founders of MMM told the Members of MMM what they needed to hear. The idea was well sold to them all. The question is “What Ideology has the Nigerian Government and all the Political Parties sold to Nigerians and which one is working as they said it?”
With the few points above you can begin to understand why MMM is the future for some Nigerians. It is happening and people you don't believe are in it. It is helping them solve financial problems in this time and season. What do you think? That MMM is helping people does it make it legal? What is legal and what is not legal? Are the excess bank charges on our Bank Accounts legal? What of the Telecommunication industry? They take your N100 and tell you that you subscribed for what you are very sure you didn't subscribe to? Who is persecuting these Organizations milking the masses? Nobody!!!
But on a flip side, we have seen stuffs like this come and go. Those in Port Harcourt will remember the case of Umana Umana and the huge interest. They he disappeared it was like rapture in Port Harcourt. We have seen so many Networking Marketing come and go. People say that MMM will not crash because it is a community of people helping each other. What is THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE SEEKING HELP OUT NUMBERS THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE PROVIDING HELP? What do I know about it? Recently someone introduced me to one called ZARFUND and told me that it can never crash because it uses BITCOINS. I don't know how that works. Maybe I will try these things out someday. I just think people should trade or invest or help with caution. 

This article is not about whether MMM is wrong or right and I am not giving a pass at it. I am not into MMM and I don't think I will. But this is the reality on ground and even those that you don't think are doing it are seriously in the stuff. They say it is helping them and nobody can do anything to stop MMM.  Apart from MMM, they are marketing Icharity & Zarfund to me also and all are gearing towards the same thing "MAKING MORE MONEY"! 
The big questions are here again;
What is your Opinion on this?


  1. Someone just asked me if I am into MMM that my article suggest that I am into it. The article is just my opinion and observation on the reality on ground. So, what is your opinion?

  2. I wouldn't advise anyone to join MMM, but if I know someone who wants to join I would offer to register. LOL!!!. And yes it has helped a lot of Nigerians. What I cannot say is if it's the future for Nigeria

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You will offer to register yourself or register someone else?

  3. Future? Nah. It's gonna crash at some point nobody knows. It's a classic ponzi scheme model and trouble starts when people joining start reducing. It's like a projectile goes up, plateaus for a bit and comes back down. Apparently, it is on the upward phase for now although government seems to be eager to see it crash. I wonder why though. Perhaps maybe because the MMM thing is completely unregulated and they (FG) are worried they will never be able to collect their "share" either in taxes or registrations or anything. So will I advise anyone to go into it? My line is always "if you have spare cash you are not afraid to lose, knock yourself out". But if you gaan put your entire generation's life savings dia, OYO is ya case. For me, it's peace of mind over profit.

  4. That is the Point. I wonder why the Government want to crash it. Has it breached any known law?

  5. Just in!!!
    A woman at GTB today ran into the Bank asking the Teller to stop the Transfer that she just made. She told the Teller that she was supposed to transfer N1,000 to someone and she erroneously transferred N100,000. the Teller asked her if it was MMM and she said YES! She has called the person she wanted to help and the HELPEE said "Alert never enter"! What should she do?


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