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Have you ever been to Aba before? Do you know Faulks road Aba? Before you continue reading this post, just ask your Aba Neighbor about Faulks road. Ejogo ndi yard onu? In case you don’t like Aba People or your Aba Neighbors have travelled to their Villages, Faulks road is the major road that connects the rest of Aba to Ariaria Market through Okigwe Road, Brass junction, Osusu Road, Eyimba, and Umuole. In those days (Don’t ask me which days), Faulks road used to be a very popular and rich area in Aba. Rich in fine buildings and so on. So, what is this gist all about? It is simple! On the 25th of December 2016, I was looking for Faulks Road Aba. The Road was relocated to somewhere else. Ask me where?

I was travelling executive class from Ireibe Port Harcourt to Osisioma Aba on the 25th of December 2016. The bus that finally carried me at N400 made the journey very comfortable for me. I was the only one seated at the front seat. The bus was almost empty. By the time we got to Fly-Over Aba, I was the only Passenger left in the bus. Before the Ariaria Junction, there was heavy traffic and so many stranded passengers. The driver navigated into one street unknown to me. I wasn’t scared sha. I just maintain. We moved from one bad street to another until we got to a toll gate mounted by some youths. These boys were busy smoking Weed openly and collecting N100 from any bus that passes their toll gate. You no go blame them. Their street was supposed to lead you directly to the popular Faulks road (just at the popular bad water-log spot that was newly fixed).  

We got into the major road and I was confused. I couldn’t tell where I was and I didn’t want to ask the driver. I needed to maintain my Nwa-Abaship! I was looking at every available signboard to at least know where I am. Then I saw Ariaria in some signboards. Very well, we are in Ariaria but not Ariaria Market. I spend 30 minutes on that road and I was still confused where exactly in Ariaria are we.
All I knew was that I was in a very busy Market on a Sunday Morning and on a Christmas day. The Market was so busy that I had to ask the driver “Do people live on this Street abi Road?” and he told me what shocked me “nna this is Faulks road” I screamed “Where is Faulks Road?” Of course, this can’t be the popular Faulks road. I can’t estimate the length and distance and span of this Sunday cum Christmas Market. It was indeed a busy day. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes and I have never seen Faulks Road like this before. Ariaria Market was shut down for Christmas and some buyers and sellers decided to create their own market at Faulks road. The Community boys were busy collected Space-Fees from the Sellers majority of which were Selling Fowl. The cost of one life fowl sold for N6,000 that day and the sellers and butchers were very busy.

Finally, I escaped that horrible Market traffic and exited through Umole into the Port Harcourt- Enugu Expressway just to meet another dangerous traffic at Osisioma. On a Christmas day? Where people dey go self? And money no dey ooo!
What is your take on this New Faulks Road Market?
Should it be allowed?

Kindly drop your comments below. 


  1. Lol. What a comic relief.

    Nigerians no dey dull. We always find a way to survive.


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