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My friend,
It is no more news that the cost of almost every commodity are going up. This is serious o! I may not have the time and pleasure to mention the basic human necessities that are becoming so expensive to buy. Life in Nigeria is the exact opposite of itself. With all these increases in prices you will expect that the Pay Checks of everyone will increase. I pity you! “The just shall live by faith” I hear you say. That is correct. But, shouldn’t the price of basic human needs be coming down since Income is not going up.

 Businessmen are complaining! Importers are complaining! Wholesalers and Retailers are complaining! Market Traders are complaining! Employers of Labor are complaining! Employees are complaining! Service Providers are Complaining! Transporters are complaining! The Government are complaining! Everybody is complaining that the price of this and that are going up. 

My question is this: Who is benefiting from these increases in prices since everyone is complaining? Even Landlords are complaining! As a matter of fact, in my opinion;
  • The cost of Accommodation should be reduced in all the 36 States of the Country especially in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos.
  • The cost of school fees should drastically come down especially in State Universities and in private schools. These Private schools no get joy!
  • The cost of transportation should be reduced in all the 36 States if the Country especially in Port Harcourt and on all Federal Roads.

As a matter of fact, let me stop at these three. Transportation is a major player in all these things. So many Nigerians have had their salaries slashed to half of what they were receiving before. This calls for a lot of adjustments. The cost of living (especially transport and feeding) is increasing by 100% and Salaries are being reduced by 50%. This is what we call “below the belt punch”. How do we survive all these in 2017?

The incident that happened at Artillery Junction Okporo Road Port Harcourt may be a solution to some of these increases especially in the Transport Industry. Before the coming of the “KEKE-BUS” there was the “KEKE”. For every short route in Port Harcourt, KEKE collects N50 then maybe N100 for longer route (Like from Artillery to YKC or from Oil-Mill to Eliozu). 

On this faithful day, I was going to Rumuodara Junction from Artillery Junction. I saw some bunch of “Agbero” shouting “KEKE, N20 ONLY!” At first I thought it was a joke until I entered a KEKE. I asked the driver what was going. He explained that the ‘KEKE-BUS’ People are giving them problems.

The gist is that the KEKE-BUS transportation just came to town. While the normal KEKE carries 4 passengers, the KEKE-BUS carries 8 Passengers. At first it was N50 for KEKE and KEKE-BUS for a distance between Artillery Junction to Rumuoadara Junction (the route is along Okporo road). Passengers normally would prefer the KEKE because it will get filled up easily and will move out quickly. So, what will you expect from the KEKE-BUS people? COMPETITION! That is exactly what we are expecting in 2017! Real Market Competition! Consumers and Customers should have alternatives! We can’t be having a Monopoly Market in a supposed competitive environment.

The KEKE-BUS people couldn’t take the competition from the KEKE people and so they slashed their transport price to N30 on the same route. Passengers quickly moved from the comfort of the KEKE to the discomfort of the KEKE-BUS. Who no like extra N20 for eim pocket? The chairman of the KEKE Association met with the chairman of the KEKE-BUS Association and pleaded that they operate on the same N50. This plea was turned down by the Chairman of the KEKE-BUS Association. Then the KEKE Chairman passed a decree that all KEKE should charge N30 for that same route. Can somebody shout Hallelujah? The same passengers moved back to the fast KEKE complaining that the KEKE-BUS was too stuffy. Passengers! The KEKE-BUS people further reduced their price to N20 for that same route. This is amazing! In Port of the Harcourt? Transport? N20? This is exactly what I am talking about. Of course, every one ran back to patronising the KEKE-BUS!

To conclude this wonderful gist, the KEKE people informed the KEKE-BUS people that they have much to lose because them (the KEKE people) have finished paying their Hire-Purchase but them (the KEKE-BUS people) are just starting. Thus, the KEKE people declared N20 transport from Artillery to Rumuodara Junction. I was so excited after the KEKE Driver finished narrating this super story to me. Instead of N20, I paid him N50 knowing that it will be the last time he will see N50 from a passenger!

My Port Harcourt and Nigerian People! This is a sign of Better Days Ahead oo! Shouldn’t we allow the KEKE and KEKE-BUS people to take over all our roads and cities?
 What do you think?
What is your opinion on this matter?

Drop your comments and opinions below.



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