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My People ehhh! It's been a long time since we came to Everyday People! We have been on a long break but this story can't wait oo! I thought my ears have heard it all but this one Na another levels o! Which kind world be this self? Wetin person no go hear. Ok, yesterday I was in a Taxi from Rumuomasi to Eleme Junction and someone how I and the taxi driver got talking about the high cost of transportation in Port Harcourt. I lamented the cost of transport from Ireibe to NTA road Mgbuoba on a daily basis. And immediately he heard NTA he thought I was a journalist who works with NTA. Next thing was "Oga as you dey work for NTA e get one thing wey I want make una talk for radio as I no get their number to call them." I carefully told him that I do not work at NTA but work at NTA road but nevertheless I can still help him share his story through a blog. "Dem dey talk am for blog?" I told him "yes". Then he started to narrate someones sto