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A Psalm of Umaben

When the enemies come like a flood
They gathered roundabout me with their rod
Their hands were stretched forth to take my peace
They took an oath that the battle will never cease

When my case was presented before their gods
They sold a lie as they barked like dogs
They have constantly threatened to reduce me
And have decided what my fate will eventually be

When their lords forged their fierce swords in fire
To rip my heart apart was their sole desire
They have concluded that help is beyond my reach
And have my soul as their celebration dish

When I heard the sounds of their chariots
As they approached my gate like a mighty riot
They have loaded their gun-room with my weaknesses
And set their arrows with many false witnesses

When I saw their army marching all year long
And their projectiles I heard like a mystic war song
They pledged to bury my name in the valley of history
As they prepared to tell the end of my sad story

Then I faced my life against the words of old
Closed my eyes so tight so that I won’t go cold
Fear gripped me that I lost the voice in my words
My strength failed me from the years of many wars

Then my face was darkened by the shadow of their darkness
Buried my head in shame at the exposure of my nakedness
I realized the gradually my joy was been stolen
I scanned around to see if the edge has been broken

Then His words pierced through my heart like a sword
The battle is not yours but mine says the mighty Lord
Hold your peace and see my deliverance and Salvation
I will make you a sign and a wonder to the nations

Ota Uma Umaben
9th February 2019


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