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GOD OF MY TINY LIFE -21/11/2012

The God of another chance The God of Justice The True Loving Father The Consuming Fire ... Thank You for correcting my excesses with Your Love Thank You for just another opportunity to be alive Thank You for journey mercies to and fro Thank You for providing in the midst of emptiness The road I followed without robbers attacking Many followed this same road and robbers attacked The areas I moved at night without harassment Many moved there and the story was different The places I entered and got favour Many entered and were not attended to The buka I ate without complain Many ate there and it ended in food poisoned Lord of my many stories God of my tinny tinny testimonies Father of my daily needs Comforter of my incessant worries Ahh! I would have hit my foot on that little rod by the way side Ohh! I would have been hit by this careless police van Chei! I would have died in my sleep Men!! I would have been hit by a stray bullet I asked for a living You ga

OUR LORD'S PRAYER - 15/11/2012

Our Father, which art in heaven, You sit on Your throne and makes the earth your foot mat. The people are like grass hoppers before You and by You our Lives are driven.   You spread the heavens like a curtain and pour out Your blessings through It's windows. Hallowed be thy name; We praise You in Your majesty Oh my soul magnify Your name and may my Spirit bless Your name. Receive my worship and take my sacrifices. You are Holy! Thy kingdom come;   Let Your Kingdom be in the midst of us, let Your Kingdom be inside us Burn our selfish egoistic desires with Your selfless Calvary Love That our life will be like our master Jesus.   Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. Make things down here run the way they do up there Let's us obey Your will and be Your true children. That what ever You have purposed will be all we execute here. Give us this day our daily bread. One day at a time Sweet Jesus, You are already in our tomorrow. As you have concern over the sparrows, be our cl

MY EYES ON THE HILLS -08/11/2012

My God and My Father. Agbanilagbatan! My God and My Lord. Eze Ebube!! My God and My Comforter. Jehovah!!! Agu n'eche Mba! Thank You for this week. You gave us strength when we were weak. Thank You for the night rest. You make us lay on Your chest. We praise You for answered prayers. You have turned us to high fliers. We praise You for enlarging our coast. For You our love we shall toast. Lord! The heathen do rage and they have imagined vain thing. They have set themselves against You and Your anointed. They want to break our bands asunder. They want to destroy us. Oh Lord!   Arise and laugh at them. Have them in derision. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. The hill is my place of refuge. Zion. The temple of the Most High. When the sea is rough and life is tough. When my days are hectic and progress is epileptic.   I still choose to look up.   My help is from above and not abroad. My help is not in the land but from the Lord. You Who made the Heavens

REMEMBER ME OH LORD - 05/11/2012

Lord of the Heavens. The Almighty Warrior Lord of the Earth The Mighty One in Battle. You   are the King of all the earth You are Mighty You are full of Grace and Mercy   I will praise Your Name forever. I can not thank You enough for all You have done last week I can not praise You enough Even if I carry loud speaker it won't be enough Even if I have 1 billion voice it won't go anywhere Thank You x1000000000000000000000000 0000000000000 times!!! For pastor Nelson's baby Thank You For Tessy's baby Thank You   For Ehis Baby Thank You For Chioma's baby Thank You For Chinaza's wedding Imela For Uchenna Njoku's wedding Ese Baba For Miriam Ezi's wedding Kaa Nna For Ogbonna Mba's wedding Thank You Our hearts are full of joy For all the things You have done For all the things You are doing For all the things You are yet to do For my Mum's healing Thank You For granny's health Thank You For journey mercies Thank You For divine protection Thank You We

ENCOUNTER ME -29/10/2012

The Invincible God!!! Yet visible in my everyday life. The unchangeable God!!! Yet changing every unpleasant situation in my life. The Most Righteous God!!! Yet paying for my unrighteousness.   The Consuming Fire!!! Yet did not consume me in my faults. I come before the cross I come not to count my loss My shame. My guilt. All gross I return back to the cross. Not in my ability I rather glory in my disabilities Because that's where you show up Surprising the strong with the weak My fears are chasing my faith out of my fragile frame I desire this. But my heart says that. Boldness to me is like a mirage. Why? They say I have grace but I see myself on grass. They hail me as a hero I see a loser in the mirror They say I am exceptional but I think I am ordinarily Why? They look up to me but I look down on myself. The God that helped Jabez I come to the cross Where my darkness turned to light Where my shame became my glory Where my pain became my gain Where I first met You.   It's no

HELP NIGERIA -20/10/2012

The One and Only True God. It's good to take some time off to Praise   You   I will just praise, Not minding my suit or my shoe. I will just praise, No matter how I look. I will just praise, At work or at home. Redeemer of the Saints. Creator of all Humans. Master Artist. In Your own wisdom you designed Man. Crafted man in an Image that is just You. In Your beauty and likeness You moulded me. Fashioned just to be like You.   Praises be to You. Praises be to Your Holy Name. Praises be to Your Righteous Throne. Praises be to Your Precious Son Jesus.   Praises be to Your Living Word. Praises Be to Your Loving Spirit. I just wanna give You Praise; For my head: Blessed with active brain and memory. For my eyes: Blessed with good sight and vision. For my nose: Blessed with good breathe and respiration. For my mouth: Blessed with powerful words and food. For my Tongue: Blessed with nice taste and oratory. For my neck: Blessed with beauty and strength. For my hands: Blessed with riches and


Great Great God! Faithful Faithful Father! Loving Loving Leader! Strong Strong Shepherd! Truthful Truthful Teacher! Thank You once again for this week that is about to fold up. As I sit here alone, I try to count our blessings and the promises from Your Word. You can not lie! We have seen Your mercy in the place of judgement. We have seen Your peace in the midst of chaos. We have seen Your love in the evident in a hateful world. We have seen Your Grace in for another chance (More than a second chance, even more than the numerous chances You have given us) We have seen Your favour in the seat of labour. We have seen Your healing in the times of sickness. We have seen Your care in the vehicle of lack. We have seen Your faithfulness in our unfaithful lives (We have continued in sin and Your Grace is abounding) We have seen freedom in the place of colonialism We have seen democracy in the place of autocracy We have seen One Nigeria in the midst of so many tribes and tribes We have seen Dev