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HELP NIGERIA -20/10/2012

The One and Only True God.

It's good to take some time off to Praise You 

I will just praise,
Not minding my suit or my shoe.
I will just praise,
No matter how I look.
I will just praise,
At work or at home.

Redeemer of the Saints.
Creator of all Humans.
Master Artist.
In Your own wisdom you designed Man.
Crafted man in an Image that is just You.
In Your beauty and likeness You moulded me.
Fashioned just to be like You. 

Praises be to You.
Praises be to Your Holy Name.
Praises be to Your Righteous Throne.
Praises be to Your Precious Son Jesus. 
Praises be to Your Living Word.
Praises Be to Your Loving Spirit.

I just wanna give You Praise;

For my head: Blessed with active brain and memory.
For my eyes: Blessed with good sight and vision.
For my nose: Blessed with good breathe and respiration.
For my mouth: Blessed with powerful words and food.
For my Tongue: Blessed with nice taste and oratory.
For my neck: Blessed with beauty and strength.
For my hands: Blessed with riches and fruitfulness.
For my legs: Blessed with speed and movement.

Can I exhaust all? No!!!

My liver is actively active. My kidney is sound.
My blood stream flows well like rivers of joy.
My intestines are just intact.
My bones and marrows are exact as created.
My fingers is typing this now.
My heart is pumping blood.
My stomach is receiving eba and egusi soup everyday.

Lord, hear this....
I urinate properly.
I get the waste food out of my body easily.
I am not in a wheelchair of stretcher.
I am not on a sick bed or morgue.
I am not a victim of circumstances.
I am not blind, deaf or dumb.

Blessed Saviour,
You never allow arm robbers to attack me.
You have always prevented me from accident.
You have always taken me far from drugs.
You never allow witches & wizards to get me.
You try no be small.

You took me to 31,000 feet above sea level and brought me down.
You took me to 30,000 feet above sea level and made me relaxed.
You took me 7 hours to a land of sleep and woke me up.
You took me round in different unknown cabs and no explosions.

Praise be to You for all You have done.
Praise be to You for all my friends that You have done the same for.
Praise be to You for everyone saying this prayer of appreciation.
Praise be to You for all You are yet to do.

You are so great. You are so wonderful.

Help this country Nigeria and give our leaders focus and directions.
Take away corruption and selfishness from among us.
Bless Nigeria. Bless my Friends.
Bless My Family. Bless Me.
Take away evil and unrepentant advisers and ministers.
Help us in this country and help us achieve our goals and aims.

We pray in Jesus name!!!


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