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Letter to My Unknown Wife

Dear Unknown Wife, Happy VAL. What are you doing today? For me, I will be at work today and battle my colleagues who will be teasing me with the story of Isaac and Rebecca. By this time last year I said I will be celebrating this year’s VAL with you   (although don’t really know why I should choose a day to celebrate love when love is a daily affair) .    I wanted to write a serious and creative letter to you today but I lost ideas on what to write and the kind of work I do doesn’t give me the required chance to be creative. My mind is occupied with giving an opinion on historical cost. Somehow, this search for you is becoming difficult and uninteresting. Why would I be looking for you as if you don’t exist? Isaac didn’t wait this long for Rebecca to arrive. She just heard about Isaac and climbed her donkey. When she saw Isaac she ran to him. Abeg wetin you dey wait for? Have you not heard about me? You no dey see my swags?


Dear Unborn Children, Like you have now known, today is another children's day. So I am wishing you a happy celebration. Life has been good and progressive. I don't really have much to write to you today because I didn't fulfil my promise to you. This is how dads down here behave sometimes. Don't expect me to be like your Dad up there. You can see small "d" in my dad and big "D" in His Dad. Man can fail but God will never fail. I will try not to be like dads down here by striving to fulfil promises made to you. It's good that you are not here yet. Don't ask me about your mum. I don't have answers to that. Don't write back with questions.