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DON'T LET THEM! Dem call the babe Orobo Dem say na why she no get any Bobo She lock herself all day inside her room E be like say the floor never even see broom Na drag she dey drag herself waka for street For suya joint she go land to price meat Wetin dey her body na human flesh no be cow But the young rappers dey carry her do street show At 30 she was displayed for win


Mr Smart is the smartest man in town He goes in and out and up and down Lives a luxurious life with no coin to spare Doesn't bother about the town and does not care Miss Simple was the simplest lady in the city


My friend Asa was very right. I doubted her. but she has proved to be a prophetess. Not the Other-Such-Prophetesses that resides under a roof and wait for victims to come knocking with proposed problems. She is a prophetess with a difference. I tried to look at the differences in prophecies between my friend Asa-the-Prophetess and the Other-Such- Prophetesses I have heard of. Here are few differences;