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Mr Smart is the smartest man in town
He goes in and out and up and down
Lives a luxurious life with no coin to spare
Doesn't bother about the town and does not care

Miss Simple was the simplest lady in the city
She lives in her own world and does her duty
Lives a low key life and banks her whole wealth

Never been hospitalized and enjoys a good health

Mr Success was the most successful man in the Village
He gets some of his class mates to clean his drainage
No man dares speak when he is the one talking
You must wait for him to come kick the ball rolling

Mrs Humble was the most humble woman in the Community
She gets to the orphanage and leaves without security
Nobody knows what anybody didn't know about her routine
Never appears on the posters, never shows on church bulletin

Something funny happened just now in my country
He gave alms to the poor and gave a press commentary
The cost of the press far surpassed the cost of the cheers
It didn't matter because others had not been giving for years

Then the next year he came to the polls
He unleashed his expertise with his tolls
There was assurance of better alms to the villagers
Then we must take our share from the share of his marketers

Mr Smart didn't bother because he had planned his way out
Miss Simple doesn't think that her vote will count
Mr Success will be appointed again as the village chief
Mrs Humble is still waiting for the messiah to catch the thief.

Ota Uma Uma Benjamin
(c) 2014


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