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My friend Asa was very right. I doubted her. but she has proved to be a prophetess. Not the Other-Such-Prophetesses that resides under a roof and wait for victims to come knocking with proposed problems. She is a prophetess with a difference. I tried to look at the differences in prophecies between my friend Asa-the-Prophetess and the Other-Such- Prophetesses I have heard of. Here are few differences;

(1) Other-Such-Prophetesses wait for individuals to come find out who is pursing them while Asa-the-prophetess what you are not doing to avoid the person chasing you.
(2) Other-Such-Prophetesses tell you what they have done and what they are planing to do (whether correct or not) while Asa-the-Prophetess tells you what is happening now and how to stop it.
(3) Other-Such-Prophetesses tell you that if you can do the prayers and fasting that they can pray and fast on your behalf for a fee while Asa-the-Prophetess has already collected her fees before you hear the prophecy.
(4) Other-Such-Prophetess wait for a customer to come and patronize so that they can see through and prophecy while Asa-the-Prophetess had already seen through and prophesied before the customer comes to patronize.
(5) Other-Such-Prophetess will tell you to come back for follow-up and may ask you to increase the fee if they discover that the problem is huge and the demon from Mercury while Asa-the-Prophetess is in her studio issuing out fresh prophecies.
It is on this background that I am led to remind you of one of her prophecies. "There is Fire on the Mountain".
When this prophecy was issued, I looked around me. Check the mountains and saw no fire. I looked at the hills and the rocks for a drop of fire but I was disappointed. Where is this Fire? I would have been relaxed at this point. There was a prophecy by a known prophetess but there was no fulfillment of her prophecy. I see no mountain with fire!! Hurray!!
Hush!! Wait!!! There is something I am missing. "And nobody seems to be on the run"!
Why should anyone run from what he/she isn't seeing? It didn't make sense. Awhh! It's only prophecy! That is why it is called prophecy!!! It is possible that the fire is yet to come. It is possible that the fire is already there but nobody except the prophetess is seeing it. And that could explain the reason nobody is running. "Oh there is fire on the Mountain top and no one is'ah running.”
This fire will come from the top oooo! This is dangerous. It is easier to quench fire from the bottom than from the top oooo!! My people!! Make we take this prophecy seriously oooo! E gba mi oooo! I am not a fire fighter neither have I go for any training on fire-fighterism oo! But I have small common sense even though common sense no common these days again. If house dey burn from ground, person fit still control am before the fire spread. The fire burning from bottom can only spread if there are connecting objects that are vulnerable to fire around where the fire is burning or somebody lights up a fire connector from the burning fire and lights up another area. Without these factors, it is easy to follow the “Fire-Trail” of fire burning from bottom and it will be easy to quench. Above all, since you are at the bottom, you have more balance to fight the fire furiously and also have more opportunity to escape (run) if the fire gets stronger, bigger and tougher. I think professional fire fighters will bear me witness that this position is not the same while fighting fire from the top.
Fire from the top is a neutral fire. No enemy. No friend. Once it breaks off from the source at the top, it does not fall in one direction. It splits into fragments that split into fragments that split into fragments and fall and split and fall and split and split and split and split. Once a split falls on an object, that object becomes a new source that a fire will break off from and splits into fragments that split into fragments that split into fragments and fall and split and fall and split and split and split and split. Depending on how tall the height is, the fire keeps falling and splitting and birthing new sources of fire that will split and fall till the whole environment surrounding the original source has been affected by the fire. Of course you know mountains are very big and tall. This no go be small fire ooo!! Even passer-bys are not sure of their own security. I know you watch American Movies. And I know you must have seen a fire explosion or something exploding in the sky. The impact is spread across all that surrounds. Try and see Kyle XY. Even our Nigerian film we watch, we see huts been burnt down from the top. The thatched roofs fall off from various angles and cause fire to spread round about. Even the innocent souls are victims of fire from the Mountain Top. No wonder Asa-the-Prophetess also prophesied saying “I see the blood of an innocent child”.
Come to think of it oo! Seeing the blood of an innocent child does not mean that the child is dead or the child will die oo! The child could be injured and looking for help. The child could be the child of a poor citizen who cannot afford the comfort and safety of other children. The child of a “Big Man” may be flown out of harm’s way once the fire start spreading and the innocent child will be left to burn and die. What worries me in Asa-the-Prophetess prophecy is “and everybody’s watching”! Chai!! Chai!!! There is God ooo! There is God in everything we are doing. These bloods you people are sharing. There is God ooo! *sob* sob*. God will see us through! Please don’t continue!
A Nigerian proverb goes thus; when the elephants fight, the grasses suffer. I see the fire building like a volcano from inside the mountain. I will recommend you see the movie “POMPEI” for you to understand what I mean by the fire is building. The fire is really building and nobody seems to be on the run. We are all watching and even helping the top to spread the fire. We all are like fire connectors with link from the Mountain top till the bottom. This fire go had to quench ooo! The world is watching as innocent victims are slaughtered on the platform of politics. Threats are flying here and there and nobody is’ah running. Few things you must note;

(1)   This fire will come from the Rock To...sorry Mountain Top
(2)  This fire will split and spread
(3)  This fire will connect to connectors who will become distributors
(4)  This fire will consume innocent victims
(5)  This fire will destroy and divide
(6)  This fire no good at all
(7)  This fire is building seriously
(8)  This fire is been fuelled by all of us
(9)  This fire is still building and everyone is’ah watching
(10)This fire can be extinguished even before it explodes.

The question is: What must I do to stop this fire?
......To be continued.


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