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CHECK 5 She stood at the bus stop looking confused and lost. She was yet to recover from the experience. What made her to believe that he had changed? She went to his place with the intention that he will help her overcome her weakness. " Funny" she said to herself. She has lost count of buses going to her direction beckoning on her at the bus stop. " This is a time for serious sober reflection". Her mind raced back to all the times she had gone to the alter to rededicate her life to God. "God knows I want to serve Him with all that I have and all that I am but how can He allow this thing to keep happening to me?" She would have avoided going to see him in the first place. It was supposed to be her first visit since they decided to call of their relationship and seek the face of God for His purpose for their lives. They both agreed that they have been playing church and not anywhere near the throne of God. It has been two years since they last saw

MMM Nigeria Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary!

Just as the country is in Recession it is as if people have stopped complaining about the PMB led administration. Since the government is not doing anything about unemployment and numerous sacks by companies, MMM is now the biggest employer of labour. So, today, the MMM Nigeria Community Marched out in Mass to celebrate 1 year of active employment. One can only deduct that this mass March is a warning signals to the government "DON'T COME CLOSE"! And the theme for this Anniversary is "Celebrating the power of giving"! So, do you think more people will join the MMM NIGERIA COMMUNITY? Is it really about giving or investing? What do you think?


In the news, the former First Lady of Ghana and wife of former Ghana President Jerry John Rawlings has been cleared by the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana to run for the 2016 General elections in December. She is the Flag Bearer of the Opposition Party National Democratic Party (NDP) and she has declared to be the First Female President in Ghana. The EC of Ghana has cleared six Political Parties to contest in the December Polls and they include; the NPP, NDC, CPP, PPP, NDP, PNC and Independent Candidate Jacob Osei Yeboah.  Does she have the Political Experience and Will Power to be Ghana's President? 


Looking at the picture above you will want to ask some questions? Some of the questions that may be going through your mind could be; (1) Is this real? (2) 100%? (3) How does this work? (4) Are people really into this thing? (5) How long will it last? (6) Will it crash? After Donald Trump emerged the President Elect of the United States of America, someone said that "Electing Donald Trump is like MMM, a lot of sensible people are into it but you will not know". The questions to ask are; (1) Are you into it? (2) Do you believe in stuffs like this? (3) Is it working for you? (4) Is it paying your bills? (5) Do you want it to last forever? (6) Are you scared that it will end one day? What is your opinion about the CONTROVERSIAL but HELPFUL MMM? To clear some of your doubts about the reality on ground and to stress the point that MMM is becoming the FUTURE for so many Nigerians here are some of my observations and thoughts;


Get your stereo  Listen to the radio  The news is about to be read  The stories will be flashed in red What do you want to hear?  Are you still cleaning your ear?  Better be patient and get to the end  Because you may just save a friend The news is hot and fresh  It will send Goosebumps to your flesh  You really need to follow the trend  Before the effects will be hard to mend Are you with your stereo?  Have you tuned your radio?  I told you the news headlines are in red  It's not like yesterday paper that you read Today, the news is not really new  Its pieces are falling on us like dew  Men and women trying to blend  Leaving our morals weak and dead


Check 4 They lined up in organised files each carrying different shapes and colors of carvings. The line was 3 km long. The people wore long faces and consist mainly of men and women in their late fifties, elderly people in their mid-sixties and few in late seventies. It was an Eke day at Ozuokwu town. At the far end of the line was a young man in his early thirties. He was known as the Igodo (the key). He was wearing a red gown with a white robe tied around his waist. He carried an elephant tusk and a brown leather bag. His left eyelid was painted with a local white chalk. He wore a native Igbo cap decorated with eagle feathers. It was the third day of the new yam festival and everyone is expected to march from the village shrine to the market square. The procession always begins at the Ide River where only a particular sect is allowed to bath and drink from. Non-members of the sect are to gather at the village shrine with symbols of their gods and wait for the sect to march from I


A MODERATE WEDDING IN NIGERIA AS AT 2012 FINANCIAL TEMPLATE FOR WHITE WEDDING Suit:                      =N= 40,000.00 Gown:                   =N= 50,000.00 Hall:                      =N= 120,000.00 Food:                     =N= 150,000.00 Drinks:                  =N= 40,000.00 Wine:                    =N= 30,000.00 Juice:                    =N= 15,000.00 Decoration:          =N= 120,000.00 Cake:                   =N= 70,000.00 Makeup:              =N= 30,000.00 DJ sounds:           =N= 30,000.00 Souvenirs:         =N= 50,000.00 Invitation cards: =N= 30,000.00 ------------------------- Sub Total =N= 775,000.00 20% Logistics =N= 155,000.000 ------------------------- Total =N= 930,000.00 =============


On Saturday, 29th of August 2015 I left my house in Port Harcourt and faced the road to the great Eyimba City Aba. It was the wedding day of friend, former colleague, former self-con roommate, course mate and professional colleague. As you may be familiar with, that day is the popular ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION. Even though you hardly see the impact of that sanitation. Why e be say anything wey dem declare or do sanitation the environment go dey worst than e day before the CLEAN-UP? Have you wondered why? That will be a discussion for another day. of course you do know that on such days movement is prohibited between the hours of 7am and 10am. When I got to the Aba express road, the hold-up wey I see there tie better wrapper ooo! Aba Road Port Harcourt This is just few minutes past 6am and I needed to get out of Port Harcourt before 6:30am and get to Aba before 7am. I wonder why they made this Sanitation day the same in the South South and South East. I used to enjoy the days wh


Check 3 Kate is a first-class prostitute. For her, life is a choice. What comes to us is based on the choices we make daily. She believes that the devil's hand is behind some certain events but then, only if you allow it. Prostitution for Kate is purely business. Her philosophy is based on these words "as long as you don't hurt, harm anyone or take what belongs to anyone without permission, then how the money comes is not important. Over the years she has been able to build a reputation with her business. she has been able to define herself and carved out a niche for herself. Going into prostitution was not her dream. No one will wake up and think of prostitution as a career. Kate has been able to help her immediate family through this job. Two of her siblings are studying in Ghana universities and the last girl is sitting for her SSCE. She hasn't done badly in her five years of active prostitution. Her client base has been built on trust and boundaries. She


Check 2 Jimmy Adebowale looked at his new branded abi janded wrist watch and screamed "O boy time don run like Usain Bolt oooo"! "What time is it"? Gbenga asked. Of course he wasn't expecting Bro Jim Jim to answer that question. "You are still ironing that shirt? You know that Deeper Life does not waste time in conducting their weddings" replied Jimmy who was knotting his blue and silver coated tie. "You were busy dancing e too dey bless me ooo and forgot that your bride will be waiting at the church hall for you. You want to hurry me now". It was very difficult to select Gbenga is his best man. There were lots of good brothers and friends in his prayer department who would have featured greatly as his best man. The time was 9.45am just 15 minutes before the wedding service will commence. Jimmy grabbed his little bible and dashed out through the door. Gbenga ran after him knotting his tie as he ran. The man that promised to release o


Check 1 Lukeman dashed into the florist shop and dashed out with a bunch of rose flowers. He ran after the fast-moving pick-up van like a mad man whose treasure has been taken away. He quickly stopped a motor cycle. The motor cycle race swiftly in chase of the van. Thank God for Nigerian roads. Lukeman was able to make an eye contact with the young tall pretty Chika sitting at the back seat of the pick-up van. "Will you marry me" boomed Lukeman's voice. Chika boast into an uncontrollable laughter. "Are you high"? She responded and still laughing carelessly. The driver of the van accelerated his speed after the pot-holes and Lukeman tapped the okada man to pursue and overtake. "Please, I am serious. Will you be the friend by my side till death do us part"? At this point, Chika stopped laughing. She looked at her elder brother in the front seat and turned to face her elder sister seating with her at the back seat. "What's your friend's