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My friend, It is no more news that the cost of almost every commodity are going up. This is serious o! I may not have the time and pleasure to mention the basic human necessities that are becoming so expensive to buy. Life in Nigeria is the exact opposite of itself. With all these increases in prices you will expect that the Pay Checks of everyone will increase. I pity you! “The just shall live by faith” I hear you say. That is correct. But, shouldn’t the price of basic human needs be coming down since Income is not going up.   Businessmen are complaining! Importers are complaining! Wholesalers and Retailers are complaining! Market Traders are complaining! Employers of Labor are complaining! Employees are complaining! Service Providers are Complaining! Transporters are complaining! The Government are complaining! Everybody is complaining that the price of this and that are going up.  My question is this: Who is benefiting from these increases in prices since everyone is


Have you ever been to Aba before? Do you know Faulks road Aba? Before you continue reading this post, just ask your Aba Neighbor about Faulks road. Ejogo ndi yard onu? In case you don’t like Aba People or your Aba Neighbors have travelled to their Villages, Faulks road is the major road that connects the rest of Aba to Ariaria Market through Okigwe Road, Brass junction, Osusu Road, Eyimba, and Umuole. In those days (Don’t ask me which days), Faulks road used to be a very popular and rich area in Aba. Rich in fine buildings and so on. So, what is this gist all about? It is simple! On the 25 th of December 2016, I was looking for Faulks Road Aba. The Road was relocated to somewhere else. Ask me where?


Yes, It’s Christmas!!! The most favourite time in the year. It is a time for celebrations, so many events and activities to engage you. At the end of the Celebrations and parties, you will wonder if you were actually on holidays because there was no time to rest as planed! Actually, there is no rest! The Christmas season falls the same time with end of the year parties, village meetings and so many other festivities. This is in no doubt the busiest period of the year. So, what is the koko of this gist?     Is it the unnecessary increase in the price of commodities? My Gas Man Categorically told me that Gas that I normally buy for N4,200 is now N6,000 and that is how they will sell it because it is Christmas. Eh? I told him no problem. But he just lost a Customer even if he sells for N3,600 in January. But that is not my gist for today.   Is it the wicked increase in cost of transportation? Make we no even go that side. The distance I usually pay N300 was increased to N600 on the


So, we did it again this year! What should I call it? Every Year Ritual?  Family Get Together? Christmas Party? End if the Year Party? Annual Thanksgiving?  You just choose one! The point is that we will always do the following; Gather! Eat & Wine! Dance! Take Pictures! And Play with the Children!  For us in Port Harcourt, it is all about Family, Friends and Families! Our Children always look forward to the Federal Government College Old Students Port Harcourt Branch's End of the Year Party! Yes! They always long for it! For us it is all about CHILDREN!!! This year's own was exceptional! We had Members in mass! Family Members of Members were in attendance! Friends and Neighbours of Members were in attendance!!! The Party no be here oo! And one of our guest from Asaba said "Recession no reach Port Harcourt oo"! Of course the thing hit everyone but we chose to Thank God! We chose not to feel bad and bow our heads in shame! We de


Walking into the Old-School Dispensary on the day the #OperationSaveOurDispensary was delivered, the Principal asked me "Uma are there Doctors among you guys?" Of course, it was a big “YES” from me. "Lots of them" I said. I didn't know the reason for that question. All set, the School Music and Cultural Troup entered the scene. First it was the National Anthem. I can't remember the last time I sang "O God of creation". Then we moved to the Pledge and then to the College Anthem.  The Principal gave her welcome Speech stating that she was overwhelmed! She thanked the 2000 Set and expressed the joy of the entire School Management team and the staff of the Dispensary. She commended the Old Students for the good works and encouraged the students to emulate them. Then she told everyone that she asked Uma if there are Doctors in their midst and why she asked that question was because the Class of 2000 tackled everything the Dispensary needed. She w


THE RENOVATED SCHOOL DISPENSARY So, we all left FGC Okigwe in 2000. Wow! That was 16 years ago! We were known as the Millennium Set. The Y2K Set.  16 Years down the line we have seen other sets hold Reunions and Parties and nothing for our Set due to the mindset that we were not united. Although, we had been meeting each other in tranches and batches at various Universities, Cities, Countries and everywhere. Of course, clicks maintained their clicks, friends maintained their friendships and people also went different ways. With the advent of cellular phones and social media (especially Facebook), hooking up became less difficult. As we began to reconnect among ourselves through the various FGC Okigwe Groups and Pages on Facebook, memories began to rewind and flashbacks became real.  The major consequences of these Flashbacks were a mixture of anger, revenge and “yabbings” that resulted from the numerous punishments, extortion, heart-breaks and what have you that hap