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So, we all left FGC Okigwe in 2000. Wow! That was 16 years ago! We were known as the Millennium Set. The Y2K Set.  16 Years down the line we have seen other sets hold Reunions and Parties and nothing for our Set due to the mindset that we were not united. Although, we had been meeting each other in tranches and batches at various Universities, Cities, Countries and everywhere. Of course, clicks maintained their clicks, friends maintained their friendships and people also went different ways. With the advent of cellular phones and social media (especially Facebook), hooking up became less difficult. As we began to reconnect among ourselves through the various FGC Okigwe Groups and Pages on Facebook, memories began to rewind and flashbacks became real. 

The major consequences of these Flashbacks were a mixture of anger, revenge and “yabbings” that resulted from the numerous punishments, extortion, heart-breaks and what have you that happened while we were at FGC Okigwe especially among seniors and juniors. The gist on Facebook went cool and dry due to the wounds that were open afresh. But, finally, we overcame the enmities and moved on. But this time, the gist had moved to WhatsApp Groups. So, in January 2016 our dear Chinwe Anyikwa Created a WhatsApp group for the 2000 Set and for the first time in 16 Years, we came together as “One”.  A lot of our classmates thought it was impossible due to the “Disunity” that existed among us especially between the guys and the babes. Some People are yet to join us in that WhatsApp group because they still feel we can pull this off. Despite the numerous exits from the group we are still 134 Members in the group. In February 2016, we launched the #OperationSaveOurDispensary Project.  
 The idea started when one of us Pius Anthony asked us in the WhatsApp Group to recite the FGC OKIGWE College OBJECTIVES and he promised to send the sum of N10,000 to any Orphanage of the Winner’s Choice. Mr. Arinze got all the objectives correct and Mr. Pius did as he promised. An Orphanage in the East of Nigeria received a donation of N10,000. In the Spirit of Charity, Mr. Nonso Nwadike suggested that the 2000 Set should do Charity for FGC Okigwe and the whole House voted “Yes” to the idea.  With that in mind the trending suggestion was that a Cow should be butchered for the students for Valentine or Easter Celebration. But on the contrary, it was observed that the fund to kill a cow can be used to do something more impacting and lasting for the Students. And work began. We tried to identify areas that the School Needs “Help” bearing in mind that the National Body of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT COLLEGE OLD STUDENTS ASSOCIATION have long be executing numerous projects in the School Environment.  So, we listed five projects: 

(1) Easter Sunday Cow / Feeding

(2) Equipment for Old Dispensary
(3) Sports Equipment
(4) Y2K Annual Awards Day
(5) School Fees/WAEC & Jamb Scholarship
 As we were deliberating on these projects, one of us Barr KK Adigwe happened to be at Okigwe for a Matter and decided to drive through and into the school He took photo shots of the environment and the pictures that sent goosebumps to our skins were that of the Old Dispensary. It was not a place that we will wish our enemies to go and receive treatment. It was not good. Not good to be called a health facility. From the ceiling to the doors, to the floors and to the equipment. So, we didn’t need any other vote to know what we need to do for the School. It was no longer a case of “doing just charity” but a case of “Meeting an urgent need”. Then we called the school and spoke with the Matron. She sent us list of what the dispensary needs. And she sent us the following need areas;
1. Hospital beds/ mattresses/ pillows.
2. First Aid kits 3. Instruments (for dressing wounds and so on. Forceps etc.)
4. Drip stands
5. Bedsheets/ blankets
 6. Scales (for measuring weight and height)
7. Stretchers 8. Refrigerator (for cooling drugs)
9. Cooler (for moving cold water to the field during sports)
10. Sterilizing kit
11. Generator set (school Generator goes off at lights out by 10pm and during emergencies any time from 10pm they use their phones for light to attend to patients)
 12. Drug cabinet (rodents-free drawer for storing drugs) 

We began to raise funds to buy the above listed items for the School. Within few weeks, the Fund we raised exceeded the budget for the items and we decided to give the Dispensary a Facelift as it won’t be good to put a new wine in an old wine skin. So, we took it as a challenge to do the little we can do to give the Old clinic a facelift. We discovered that there was a new clinic built by the Old Students and asked the School Management if we should EQUIP the NEW CLINIC or RE-EQUIP/RENOVATE the OLD DISPENSARY. The Principal informed us that the School Management will use the Both Clinics. She stated that the Old will be used for Males while the New will be used for Females. At the end of the project, we were able to buy the following;

1.     Four Hospital Beds
2.     Four Mattresses
3.     Four Pillows
4.     Two First Aids Kits
5.     Items for Dressing Wounds (Forceps, etc.)
6.     Four Drip Stands
7.     Eight Bedsheets with their Pillow Cases
8.     One Emergency Stretcher
9.     One Examination Couch
10.  One Sterilizing Drum
11.  One Autoclave
12.  One Cooler
   13.  One Refrigerator
   14.  One Sumec Generator
   15.  One Ward Screen
  16.  One Pack each of Surgical Gloves, Injection Needle and 5m Strings.
   17.  Four Ceiling Fans and one Industrial Fans
 18.  One Weighting Scale and Three Digital Thermometer
  19.  One 3-in-1 Reception Seat
  20.  One Students Medical record cabinet
   21.  One Writing Desk + three Drawer Cabinet
 22.  Six Iron Doors and Four Panel Doors
23.  Twenty-Two Aluminum Windows
Apart from these items bought, some work was done to give the Clinic a Facelift;
1.     Floors were re-plastered
2.     The Ceilings were re-painted
3.     The Interior and Exterior of the whole building were re-painted.
4.     All the doors were changed
5.     All the windows were changed

At the conclusion of the project, we wished we had the resources to TILE   the entire clinic especially the reception and we also wished we had the resources to change the entire roof. The School Management, the Staff of the Clinic, the Teachers and the Students were so happy to receive these items as the Music/Cultural Group rendered a welcoming some for the 2000 Set. We sincerely appreciate the School Management and the National Executives of the Old Students Association for giving us the privilege to handle this project. Finally, we thank our wonderful and ever reliable Classmates for their generous contributions towards the achievement of this project. We thought we couldn’t come together as one but this is what OUR UNITY FOR THE FIRST TIME as achieved. For those still doubting if we can do this, “Yes we can”! With you we can even do more in 2017!
We therefore encourage all other Sets to look back to all the good memories of FGC Okigwe and think of doing something to #SaveOurSchool. As we look forward to our #HOME COMING where we shall be celebrating the 4oth Anniversary of FGC Okigwe and the 15th Anniversary of FEGOCOOKOSA, we encourage other Sets to liaise with the #HOMECOMING COMMITTEE to identify the various projects they have listed to be executed as a #GIVEBACK for the #HOMECOMING/40THANNIVERSARY. If your set is interested, inbox me on Facebook and I will link you up with the Chairman of the Committee or you contact the FEGOCOOKOSA Liaison Office at FGC OKigwe. The delivery of the #OperationSaveOurDispensary was a success.
I will not end this gist without mentioning the numerous persons who made this happen. And to my comrades in our little WhatsApp group, who contributed their hard-earned monies for this project without seeing each other, you are the best! Most of us have not seen ourselves in 16 Years and we were able to trust ourselves and raise such huge amount of money to achieve all these. I wish to mention you guys here;

Uchenna Okoli, Austin Onyeiwu, Ifunnaya Onyeiwu (Nee Etsu), Belinda Okafor, Emeka Okafor, Bereton, Bio Roberts, Bulger, Chigbo Ubah, Chinazom Okorie, Chukwudi Anene, Cornel Osigwe, Darlinton Nwankwo, Orangy, Henry Ukazu, Ifeoma Okoro (Nee Anya), Ifeoma Oyibo (Nee Okorie), Ijeoma Ukandu (Nee Nwabekwe), Ikot, KCIO, Kingsley Charles, Locate, Micheal Idam, Ezinne Ogwo (Nee Ukoha), Obum Anyaeji, Ogechi Nwankwo, Ogor Okpenyi (Nee Duru), Osita Odemena, Pajimoh, Prince Nwamara, Scoro, Tony Orizu, Uchenna Ngbada, Uka Udeka, Toochukwu Ishieyi, CCM, Chacha, Chimezie Onwumere, Chinyere Okoro Ike, Dennis, Ngozi Onwuchekwa. Obijiaku, Okezike Igbo, Yomi Salisu, BDC, Domite, Toby, Xponent, Kingsley Mbanu, Spidy, Chioma Onuoha, Rosel Elewachi Agu, Nnenna Uche, Mr. V, Williams Oleka, Amagwu, Ifeoma Udenzi, Chibuzor Onyemenam, Schneiderugo, Just negodu, Chubuike, Skydog, Gomez Atu, Chioma Ibenye, Crude Oil, Chima Amadi, Kojo, Yugo Ayiam, Emeka Ndukwe, Prince Nnadi, Progress Nnadi, Arinze Kolombo, Chibuzo akuchie, Asogwa, Okey, Stainless, Emeka Ezirike, Kingsley Mgbegasa, Obinna, Dr. Joe, Kclove, Engr. Bizzy, Chijioke Anyanwu, Temple Nwosu, Emenike Osward, Ik Ekenna, Ndukeife Okafor, Chinzy, Udoka Uwaekwe (Nee Awujo), Rosemary Ugah (Nee Mbonu), Ihuoma Ilechukwu (Nee Anyanwu), Charles Orok, Obinna Firo, Omai Kalu, Chuxie, Nnanna Agwu, Dr. Josh, Oby Ogujiofor, Ifymarie, AmityJCash, Okiyi Monday, Kaycee, George, Uchenna Ukoha, Fortgidi, Yugo Egboluche, Pastor Joseph (Ajegunle), Dustin, Davis Ubah, Chris, Franklin Madu, Ticon, Engr. Ugo, Afam Umeodunukwe, Chizoba (Nee Amih), Ozz B, Kings, Nonso Nwadike, Uma Ota, Chinwe Obinwa (Nee Anyikwa), Uju Nwaidora, and Dike Ifeanyi. You stay on our WhatsApp Group has made this possible. We appreciate the PURCHASE YEAM, RENOVATION TEAM and DELIVERY TEAM for their commitment.  Our gratitude also goes to the Group Admin for pulling this through. God bless you all! Special Thanks a Feddy by Marriage, Mrs. Erhuvwu Uma and her friend Miss Confidence Obi for creating time in purchasing and delivering these items to FGC Okigwe. We give God all the glory!


Thanks guys for reading and viewing. Kindly drop your comment below. Stay Bless and Touch lives!!


  1. Good one guys! God bless you

  2. This is a great one! What Federal Govt. Couldn't do!

  3. Thanks Kelechi! We can only do our part in National Development

  4. nice post, very informative. keep up the good work.

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