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Yes, It’s Christmas!!! The most favourite time in the year. It is a time for celebrations, so many events and activities to engage you. At the end of the Celebrations and parties, you will wonder if you were actually on holidays because there was no time to rest as planed! Actually, there is no rest! The Christmas season falls the same time with end of the year parties, village meetings and so many other festivities. This is in no doubt the busiest period of the year. So, what is the koko of this gist? 
  •   Is it the unnecessary increase in the price of commodities? My Gas Man Categorically told me that Gas that I normally buy for N4,200 is now N6,000 and that is how they will sell it because it is Christmas. Eh? I told him no problem. But he just lost a Customer even if he sells for N3,600 in January. But that is not my gist for today.
  •  Is it the wicked increase in cost of transportation? Make we no even go that side. The distance I usually pay N300 was increased to N600 on the 25th of December 2016. The worst part is that a private car (Husband and wife inside) pulled over to carry me in their vehicle. I asked how much and he told me N1,000 (from Ireibe, Port Harcourt to Osisioma Aba). Imagine! Private kwa! Fine jeep ooo! That one no be poverty? Na poverty dey worry am. Of course, I refused to enter and the beautiful wife made her own mistake by asking me “How much you wan pay?” Then I knew something was wrong! Either the Nigerian ATMs refused to released their cash or their money is frozen somewhere. Anyway, that is not my gist for today.

So, what is my gist for today? 

Tailor!!! Tailor!!! Tailor!!! How many times I call you? Since I became aware of how Tailors disappoint their customers especially on festive periods like this, I have never seen this type before (Mind you, I grew up in a Tailor’s workshop. That is a gist for another dispensation). It is not that the Tailor did what no tailor has done before. Mba! That wasn’t the case here! What the Tailor did is not even up to what other Tailors have done in the past. I can tell you! E no reach! The case here is on the Customer! Chai!! Customers dey ooo! What this Customer did is what I have never seen before. I guess you might have seen that before. But mua, Ota Uma Ben, this is my first! Please don’t ask me for picture or videos!

On the Morning of 25th December 2016, I left my house to travel to Umuahia for Dr. Ngozi Nwankwo’s Wedding. I heard a loud voice of a lady casting, binding, cursing and praying! I looked out for the direction of the wailing and it was from a Tailor’s workshop. The Young woman was kneeing down in front of the Tailor’s workshop weeping and crying (there is difference oo). Immediately, I judged the woman. Is she the first to be disappointed by a tailor? Abegi! Make we hear word joor! But, on a second thought I decided to go close because that Tailor has made a burial ashoebi (with Fila-abeti-aja) for me before. And so, my humble self-got close and thank God, the woman stood up from her praying-cursing knees. Chai! This young woman fine ooo! And she looked ‘educated and informed sha’. “Madam, wetin happen?” As she was narrating her super story to us the level of the tears increased. At first, I thought the Tailor disappointed her Sunday cum Christmas dress but oloo, it wasn’t that ooo! Chai! Why did I judge her at first?

Anyway, to end this gist that I didn’t wait to see the end, 25th of December 2016 was her Baby’s dedication. She and her husband had planned a beautiful uniform and the Tailor was supposed to make for all of them including the “new baby’s cloth”. The woman told us (the reporters) that the Tailor gave them assurance that all is well only to come this morning and the Tailor’s boys (the Oga was not there yet) told her that “material no reach”. 
“Abeg whose person material no reach? 
The Wailing Woman? 
The Husband or the baby? 
My country people, the cry be like say na the Woman dress no reach ooo! But, no way! The Woman’s dress was made! The Husband’s dress was made!! But the Baby’s dress was not made! “Abeg make this woman go find another dress for Baby naa.” “I don dey here since dey beg her make she find alternative.” “We just moved into this area and we are still packing. Baby just came with the clothe he wore yesterday and it is very dirty. What am I supposed to do? He promised us. My husband even came here yesterday and he didn’t tell him that the materials won’t be enough. My God will pay him back”

And then Mr. Oga Tailor arrived with a very strong face. I asked him what happened and he told us that he had informed them earlier that the materials won’t be enough. The woman shouted “You informed who?” My people! I get wedding to attend ooo! The matter don enter argument and counter-argument!!! 

Who you go blame?
Will you blame the Tailor? Why?
Will you blame the Woman? Why?
Will you blame the Husband? Why?
Wetin you go advice this woman to do in this critical situation?

Cloth or no Cloth, BABY MUST GO TO CHURCH!!!!

You can drop your comments below.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in advance!


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