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NEWLY WEDDED COUPLE LEADS THE CHOIR (singing Dorinda Clark-Cole Everything He Promised and I PRAISE YOU by Elijah Oyebode)

Yes oo! Such a beautiful, unique, gorgeous, special, very young young sweet today couple! Wow! Up coming Gospel Artist Bensong takes his bride from the alter to his house! Eh!! Yes ooo! Not to the alter again ooo! They just left the alter ooo! You need to see how his young beautiful wife, Favour out-danced the our Ben ooo! Anyway, Ngozi is our own person.  Today 14th of January 2017, at RCCG Jesus House Parish Port Harcourt, one of the youngest couple I have seen in a long recent time got wedded today. It was a beautiful sight as I behold this very young ones take their vows, making a life time decision to live together for all the rest of their lives. This is the one that made the bible says "Enjoy the wife of your youth".  This message is for you. Yes! You reading this post and wondering why I am sharing this Better News.


The Newly Elected President of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo takes Oath of Office today 7th January 2017. In His Inaugural speech, he promises to reduce the taxes in Ghana and boast National Development. He clearly stated that Development and Growth will not come from the Public Sector but the Private Sector and promises co-operation with the Private Sector to create Jobs. In his speech, he encourages all Ghanaian saying "It's time to try that business ideas again. We will reduce taxes to recover the momentum of our economy." I strongly hope and pray that he will fulfill these promises because here in Nigeria taxes are being increased. Both the Nigerian Election winner and the Ghanaian Election Winner ran on the Train of CHANGE! Nigerians are yet to see the exact Change that was promised. Will Ghana's fate be the same?


  In case you don't know or you have forgotten, WHT actually means 'WITH-HOLDING TAX. This is not another type of Tax like VAT or EDT. This is actually an ADVANCE PAYMENT OF INCOME TAX. Let us put it this way. The Federal Government believes that Companies and Business Owners will not make tax returns at the end of their Financial Year and as such will not pay their Income Taxes. So, the Regulations for WHT is that "your Customer should not pay you all the amount you invoiced them. Your Customer are by Law mandated to deduct some money from your invoice and pay to the Federal Government (FIRS) Account on "YOUR BEHALF". Your Customer is to collect a Receipts from the Relevant Tax Authority and give to you. Those WHT Receipts serve as Tax Credit Notes for you. At the end of your financial year, you will assess yourself and declare how much Income Tax you are liable to. The WHT Receipts you have will be used to offset your Income Tax Liabilities to the tune of