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With the supposed release of the Director of Radio Biafra on Bail one will be forced to ask "BAIL WITH STRINGENT CONDITIONS IS THAT ONE BAIL?" Is it not better that he remains in custody until the end of his trial? Abeg which one is better? I will need my Lawyer Friends to educate us on these conditions. They should be able to advise us if it is better to be granted bail with these conditions or to be denied bail and speed up his trial? Ok, let us look at these conditions one after the other. He is expected to provide 3 people as his sureties abi? Listen ooo! One must be a Serving Senator. Abeg, which of the Senators do you think will stand behind Nnamdi Kanu? You see the wahala here? The other must be a Jewish Religious Leader. Hahahahahahahaha! Why I dey even laugh? I see a lot of Rabbis at Obigbo these days. That one won't be a problem. The third person is "a highly respected person". This must be someone like OBJ, GEJ, Atiku, Sanusi abi? Abeg


HOW TO GIVE A BAD TENANT QUIT NOTICE This week, our Story on EVERYDAY PEOPLE is about a young man named Uche. This happened many years ago in Aba. It was my late Father who told me this story. My late dad was a story teller and his stories are true life events. I wish he was alive to see his stories being published. At least he will earn some royalties. Respect to him man! So, here is a story of Uche  A. He was a Co-tenant of my dad but was very stubborn.  Uche was so stubborn that even the Landlord was scared of him. I know there are so many Uches in most of the public yards you find around.  First of all, let's x-ray Mr. Uche; Uche does not pay his house rent Uche does not pay his NEPA (Electrical) Bills Uche does not come out for Sanitation (Clean-Up) Uche comes back very late when the Yard gate is locked and disturbs everyone in the Yard. Uche is a trouble maker Uche fights with his neighbours and beats them up! Uche is huge and a man to fear Uche intim


Jehovah, God of Mercy Jehovah, God of Compassion Jehovah, God of Forgiveness Jehovah, God of a Second Opportunity Lord, we bring our baskets of praise to you Not because we want you to fill them with blessings No! No! No Lord! Our baskets are filled with your Praise This is because we don’t know what else to bring We thank you specially for the bad roads in this country How you carefully take us through those roads without accident is amazing We thank you gratefully for the state of our hospitals How you miraculously dispense healing in those Hospitals is mind-blowing Lord we thank you for the conditions of our Aircrafts How you single-handedly take us across the sky is unimaginable Lord we thank you for the non-maintenance of our public buses How you hold the engines and brakes till our destinations is unthinkable Lord we thank you for the Confusion in the curriculum of our Primary school system How you organise our pupils to write the s


Thank you Lord for the Cross It was the Cross that absorbed my sins When my life was dark and gross It was your Cross that saved me Thank you Lord for the Blood It was your Blood that washed my sins When my heart was united with the world It was your Blood that cleansed me Thank you Lord for the Stripes It was the Stripes that erased my diseases When my health was challenged with sickness It was your Stripes that healed me


Hey guys, so sorry I couldn’t bring this story to the end yesterday being Easter Monday. It was due to some something something something beyond my control. Don't ask me what it was! However, today na still Tuesday and e no far from Monday. In fact, today is the first working day of this week so make we assume say na Monday. Where did we stop again in this story? Ok! I remember; “If you realize that the person you are trying to help by allowing her to use your stall space from morning to 12 noon to sell the same thing that you sell is now taking your customers who now preferred to eat from her MAMA PUT in the Morning and buy for their lunch, what will you do? 1.         Tell her to stop using her space? 2.         Find out what she is doing to increase her sales and improve yours? 3.         Fight with her and call her witch and customers snatcher? 4.         Tell her to start paying rent? 5.         Swap shift with her and let


I once heard a story about a family. The Family Poor no be here! They could barely feed. I can’t even remember how the story began because I was more interested in the ending. Sometimes, I to look at my Pay check, and wonder how people survive in this country. How can a family man with little or no income pay his house rent, feed his family and pay the fees of his kids?  I look at families that live in what we call the Batcher Quarters and I wonder how they manage. Imagine a family man earning N 40,000 every month in a City like Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja and even Owerri. With the rate the Government Schools are failing and dilapidating, private schools are the only options left. Even the Mushroom-backyard-room and parlour private schools are increasing their fees. You can barely see a Private School that collects less than N 20,000 as School Fees. The times get as e be. So, I wonder, how these people survive with the squad that they are training in t


Master of the Universe!!! Owner of the whole world!!! Creator and Changer of situations!!! Controller of flood!!! Guardian of Life!!! Why do we wait till this week to thank You for last week? Why do we wait for the big miracles to happen before we testify? We are sorry Lord! We lift our voice in sincere worship to you. For all the things You have done for us. For all the things You are doing for us. For all the things You will do for us. For all the things You will yet do. We will not wait until we see them before we worship We will not wait until they are tangible before we testify We will not wait until they are material before we thank You. We just keep praising You even when things go wrong. We will just lay down our problems as a nation and worship You. Accept our Worship and thanksgiving for last week. And with our hands lifted high We will worship and sing And with our hands lifted high We come before You rejoicing With our hands lift


On this first edition of Everyday People, we shall be looking at the Story of the "London Business Woman" . Fasten your Seat Belt and Get ready to journey with us. In this journey, nothing you will not see. So, don't say that I didn't tell you oo! I am warning you before hand before you continue. This woman is a fashion woman. Her shop dey boom no be here. She supplies clothing to so many ladies and women in town. She is a big woman in Port Harcourt. People like to patronize her because she displays quality dresses and you can hardly see anyone around you putting on that same dress. So, our London Woman was in money. It is normal and popular to see Business Women travel outside the country once in a while for business trips. They come back with all sort of goods ranging from Gold to Clothing. Some of them don't even use their personal. It is well known that going to London for shopping is like going to Idumota Market. Not difficult. You must not be a big w


Almighty Father! The Father of all Creation! We hail Thee! We Hail Thee! We hail The Most High! The Creative Creator! The Dynamic Designer! The Invincible Inventor! The Everlasting Engineer! You are far bigger than what we say You are far wiser than what we think You are far richer than what we know You are far stronger than how we fee The All-Knowing Architect! The Best-Carving Builder! The Father of all Creation! Na you get every every!! Lord, we have come again! We have come gain! We have come, not to complain or accuse. We have come, not to murmur or grumble. We have come just for your help. We need help oooo! Lord, we wait for your help! It is very obvious that we can not help ourselves! Please, Nna Yere anyi aka!