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With the supposed release of the Director of Radio Biafra on Bail one will be forced to ask "BAIL WITH STRINGENT CONDITIONS IS THAT ONE BAIL?" Is it not better that he remains in custody until the end of his trial? Abeg which one is better? I will need my Lawyer Friends to educate us on these conditions. They should be able to advise us if it is better to be granted bail with these conditions or to be denied bail and speed up his trial?

Ok, let us look at these conditions one after the other.
  1. He is expected to provide 3 people as his sureties abi? Listen ooo! One must be a Serving Senator. Abeg, which of the Senators do you think will stand behind Nnamdi Kanu? You see the wahala here? The other must be a Jewish Religious Leader. Hahahahahahahaha! Why I dey even laugh? I see a lot of Rabbis at Obigbo these days. That one won't be a problem. The third person is "a highly respected person". This must be someone like OBJ, GEJ, Atiku, Sanusi abi? Abeg, which people be the highly respected people in Nigeria? Maybe the Oba of Benin or the Oni of Ife. 
  2.   The Persons mentioned above must own a land in Abuja. Even the Rabbi? So, these shows that all our Senators own Land in Abuja abi? ehhh? Ok oooo! Abi Na just one of them go get the Land?
  3. This is the one that is doing my head popcorn popcorn! They need N300million to grant him bail abi na just one person N100,000,000 dem go need when the need arises? So, the Rabbi should have N100,0000,000 from Offerings and Collections in his possession abi? Then the Senator should have N100,000,000 as savings from his Salaries and allowances abi? And the highly respected person must be a Billionaire to be highly respected in Nigeria. He should be worth more than N100,000,000 to be able to have N100,000,000 in his possession. 
  4. The fourth condition according to my interpretation is that he will not anchor Radio Biafra until the Trial is over. This is to say that he has been denied Freedom of speech till the Trial is Over. When will the Trial be over? I am looking at after 2019 oo!
  5. The fifth condition is very interesting and well calculated. There shall be no gathering of more than 10 Persons around Nnamdi Kanu or else he will be arrested again. So, if his villagers are planning to come celebrate with him they should just organise somewhere and connect to him via Skype. Abi Skype follow for more than 10 persons gathering? So, he has been denied of his religious and social gathering if he has any. 
  6. He cannot travel back to where he came from. Shebi he is a citizen of UK? UK people how far naaa? Wait oo! Which of the Passport did they seize or will he deposit? The UK passport or the Nigerian Passport? Me self dey confuse in this kind thing. Abeg, Lawyers, am I understanding these things well?
  7. It is only when the above conditions are met that Mr. Nnamdi Kanu will be allowed to go home as a result of negotiation with the Federal Government. Wait ooo! He can go to which home? Umuahia? Abi London? 

Meanwhile, three of his comrades are still been denied bail! How does this work in this country? Is it not the same offense and negotiation? Ok, the Judge say na because Nnamdi Kanu no well na eim make dem grant am bail abi?

Few hours after the CONDITIONAL release (on bail) of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, Port Harcourt City is reporting pictures of IPOB members celebrating the release of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu. 

You can interpret this celebration as premature while another could interpret it as Step One Victory. But, my questions are these;
  1. Does it mean that if the first three conditions are not met that he won't be granted the bail? Obviously that is what it is. My advise: Prayers should be made on his behalf.
  2. If any of the last three conditions are breached then he will be re-arrested. My advise: People may be used to set traps for him. There is a call to caution.
  3. He can only get his life back after the Trial? WHEN WILL THE TRIAL BE OVER? I see  long wait and patience and endurance and long suffering here. He may be frustrated to the point that he may want to leave the country and that could be another trap for him.

In conclusion, what do you think about all these things?

  1. Do you think that the Bail Conditions are too difficult to meet?
  2. Do you think that he can meet the Bail Conditions?
  3. How long do you think his trial will last? 
  4. What do you think about the whole drama with his arrest and the way the court proceedings have been handled?
  5. Will Mazi Nnamdi KANU accept these conditions or rather choose to suffer afflictions with his brothers who were denied bail? 
Meanwhile, I hear say Fayose follow go court. Is he now among the IPOB Members? According to my friend Gaius Lawrence;

"Truly History will never forget this strange happening,.no governor from southeast, south-south even southwest or any of the emergency callers for release of Nnamdi Kanu's were present but the true and fearless freedom fighters Ayo Fayose and FFK."

Thank you for stopping by. See again soon.
Kindly drop your Comment in the Comment box below. Keep your fingers crossed as more stories on unfold on Matters Arising. 


  1. This is not how these things work. A senator (name withheld ) had given his nod: His lawyer said this in his press brief/call-in to Radio Biafra and said he was confident that within 48 hrs they would have perfected the bail bond.

  2. Ad for how long the trial will take, as soon as hearing starts, depending on the ability of the FG to substantiate their claims of treasonable felony, the case is dead on arrival.

  3. ...moreso, FG was just buying time. and throughout this 1 year plus, have not been able to produce one single evidence hence the proposed resort to using masquerade as witness in the name of so-called secret trial

  4. Well Said Mr. Gerald. But, we know how things work in this is the buying time that we are talking about!


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