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Hey guys, so sorry I couldn’t bring this story to the end yesterday being Easter Monday. It was due to some something something something beyond my control. Don't ask me what it was! However, today na still Tuesday and e no far from Monday. In fact, today is the first working day of this week so make we assume say na Monday.
Where did we stop again in this story?

Ok! I remember;
“If you realize that the person you are trying to help by allowing her to use your stall space from morning to 12 noon to sell the same thing that you sell is now taking your customers who now preferred to eat from her MAMA PUT in the Morning and buy for their lunch, what will you do?
1.         Tell her to stop using her space?
2.         Find out what she is doing to increase her sales and improve yours?
3.         Fight with her and call her witch and customers snatcher?
4.         Tell her to start paying rent?
5.         Swap shift with her and let her sell in the afternoon after you?
6.         Do something to spoil business for her?
7.         Be happy for her and continue with your business?”

Also, a Prediction question was asked last week’
“Predict what the Owner of the Stall did when her Customer base dropped and win a recharge card of any network”.

Back to our story. When the Afternoon “Mama-Put” Woman realized that the new Morning “Mama-Put” Woman who is even squatting in her stall is taking all her customers she decided to SWAP SHIFT WITH HER. Since she is the owner of the Stall, our New Mama-Put Woman had no option than to agree. So, the two women swapped shift. Your guess is as good as mine. Of course, the momentum moved from the Morning Shift to the Afternoon Shift. The Customers decided to wait till afternoon to buy their food. 

Na this kind thing dey make people dey assume say this our New Mama-Put Woman don do something ooo! What is making her sales to increase on a daily basis?

1. Is it because the Man of God Prophesied over her life?
2. Is it because it was her destiny to be a cook?
3. Is it because God wanted to take their family away from the pangs of perpetual poverty?

My colleague in the office thinks it is because she did the business differently? Abeg wetin dey to do for MAMA-PUT business wey others never do? You can never tell! 

Let’s X-ray how Poor this Family was before the Door of Mama-Put business was opened for this woman. Did I mention that this woman was a “SECOND WIFE?”

Yes! She was the second wife of this man who had lost his source of income. I asked the Lady that told me this story how possible it was for a man who was so poor to point that he could not afford to pay for his “ONE ROOM ACCOMMODATION in Aba, be able to manage TWO WIVES. Did you see the “ONE ROOM?” YES! It was a One room face-me-I-face-you apartment with TWO WIVES and both WIVES Had “TWO CHILDREN AND ONE HOUSE GIRL” each. No be madness? The part that shocked me was that these wives were pretty and almost like half-cast. I am doubting this even as you are doubting this right now but the lady that told me this story stayed in the same compound with them.

My brothers and sisters! What did that man tell these two beautiful ladies that they accepted to be CO-WIVES in one room apartment in a public yard? When this story was going on, I had a lot of questions running through my mind but the alarming question was this?

HOW DID THEY MANAGE THE BED MINISTRY IN A ONE ROOM APARTMENT? The reasons for my question are these;

1. IF IT IS ONE WIFE AND MANY CHILDREN, then the Children can sleep on the floor and the Parents on the bed.
2. BUT IF IT IS TWO WIVES AND FEW CHILDREN, among the wives, who will sleep on the Bed with the Man and who will sleep on the floor with the Children?

Seriously, the lady that told me this question became confused as well and said “Uma seriously, I didn’t think of this because I was so young when this happened and so my mind didn’t even go there.”

Anyway, to end the story, in less than one year this second wife bought a land at Iheorji Aba and they began to build their Upstairs. That was the TURN AROUND that this family needed. I can’t imagine the kind of Bond that these CO-WIVES had that made the whole family share from the Fortunes of the Second wife whose Cooking Ministry was activated by a touch from God. I cannot tell you if this later became a Family Business because where I stopped was exactly where the Story Teller stopped before we got to our destination. But e be like say the whole Family join the business ooo!

No matter the situation you find yourself, it is never too late to HAVE A TURN AROUND. Open your hands and look closely and you will see the MINERAL RESOURCES you need to sing “I can see everything turning around for my good”. Maybe these women have been looking at their husband to turn the situation around not knowing that the solution lies in their talents. E be like say na because the woman too fine na eim make people dey come buy jollof rice from her ooo! It is very possible! Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t look down on any skills you have. That could be the key to your TURN AROUND.

Abeg, before we conclude here, what arrangement did you think that was made as regards the BED MINISTRY? 
1. Who and who were sleeping on the Floor?
2. Who and who were sleeping on the bed?
3. Was their a Shift arrangement for the Co-Wives?
4. Did the Co-wives share the bed at the same time with their husband?

What are your thoughts on this?
Drop your comments in the comment box below.

Thanks for stopping by on EVERYDAY PEOPLE! See next Week Monday for another Story. If you have any story on EVERYDAY PEOPLE around you kindly use our contact form and send us the story-line.

Have a blessed day ahead. 


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