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Jehovah, God of Mercy
Jehovah, God of Compassion
Jehovah, God of Forgiveness
Jehovah, God of a Second Opportunity

Lord, we bring our baskets of praise to you
Not because we want you to fill them with blessings
No! No! No Lord! Our baskets are filled with your Praise
This is because we don’t know what else to bring

We thank you specially for the bad roads in this country
How you carefully take us through those roads without accident is amazing
We thank you gratefully for the state of our hospitals
How you miraculously dispense healing in those Hospitals is mind-blowing

Lord we thank you for the conditions of our Aircrafts
How you single-handedly take us across the sky is unimaginable
Lord we thank you for the non-maintenance of our public buses
How you hold the engines and brakes till our destinations is unthinkable

Lord we thank you for the Confusion in the curriculum of our Primary school system
How you organise our pupils to write the same common entrance is divine
Lord we thank you for our British-American-Irish-Arabian-Canadian-French High School System
How the students end up writing the same Jamb and end up in the same University is Spiritual

Lord we thank you for the different courses and school fees in our Private & Public Universities
Our you bring the graduates to the same Job market in search of the same jobs is unique
Lord we thank you the various methods of employing for the same job in the same Company
How the Applicants end up doing the same thing with different Salary & grade level is unbelievable

Lord we just want to thank you for the various tribes and languages of this Country
How we disagree in almost everything but yet can’t let each other go is surprising
Lord we just want to thank you for the plenty duplicated institutions in this Country
How they do almost the same thing and yet no productive result is shocking

Lord we just want to thank you for our Employers and Business Owners
How they expect you to work like oyibo staff in London and still pay you Nigerian Salary is wonderful
Lord we thank you for our Industrial Leaders and Government Leaders
How they expect you to think outside the box and yet can’t provide the necessary environment is twoderful

Lord we just wanna thank you for all our Political Rulers
How they keep Money underground instead of fixing the problems on ground is threederful
Lord we just wanna thank you for all our Political Elites
How they fly abroad to treat Malaria and yet spend billions to renovate Hospitals is fourderful

Lord, there are so many things that we need to thank you for
Lord, there are so many things you have done for us
Lord, there are so many things you are doing for this country
Lord, there are so many things you will still do for your people

Lord, we have been denied of some many basic things
Yet you have blessed us with all manners of mineral resources
Lord, the products of our resources have been buried in the graveyard
Yet you have not allowed us to be buried in poverty

If you had allowed the enemies to strike us down
Onye ka’m ga akoru? Who shall we run to?
If not for you Lord, we would have been weeded like the grass of the fields
Mana Jehovah bu Eze! You alone are King above all Kings!

If you had not paid the price of sin for us the evil ones would have devoured us
Who will fight for us? Who will be our protector?
If not for you Lord, we would have been consumed and destroyed like paper
You have defended us! You have rescued us all!

Lord we thank you for all that you did the previous week
May this week be better than the week before and the week before
And may we not bow to the pressure from the enemies and their instruments
We asked this through Jesus Christ our Savior.



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