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Image Credit: MYBIBLE.COM Hello Everyday People Community! It has been a long time. We have been away for a long time not because we don’t have stories to share but due to certain limitations which we are trying to fix. So many stories have been lined up and they will soon start pouring in. Tighten your waist belts! As other stories are waiting to be published, today’s Story can’t wait! It’s a story that concerns me. It is the story of my friend and brother! It is a story that started from the day I handled the MIC to MC the Wedding of my friend when he took his beautiful bride as a wife. It was a beautiful wedding and a glorious marriage. And God blessed the marriage with a wonderful son. I don’t want to tell this story myself because if I do we shall be looking out for Season 7. I will let my friend narrate this story in his own language and style. I will chip in here and there. MY BOY WAS AFFLICTED! “ When he was six weeks old, he was diagnosed with a heart condit