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Hello Everyday People Community! It has been a long time. We have been away for a long time not because we don’t have stories to share but due to certain limitations which we are trying to fix. So many stories have been lined up and they will soon start pouring in. Tighten your waist belts!

As other stories are waiting to be published, today’s Story can’t wait! It’s a story that concerns me. It is the story of my friend and brother! It is a story that started from the day I handled the MIC to MC the Wedding of my friend when he took his beautiful bride as a wife. It was a beautiful wedding and a glorious marriage.

And God blessed the marriage with a wonderful son. I don’t want to tell this story myself because if I do we shall be looking out for Season 7. I will let my friend narrate this story in his own language and style. I will chip in here and there.

When he was six weeks old, he was diagnosed with a heart condition and it was noticed at the point of heart failure; I am talking about my son here, a hole in his heart, this was the beginning of the fight and the devil afflicted my son.
The road was tough people of God, from one hospital to the other, from one Doctor to the other, from one State to the other, and after two months another hole was discovered in his lung, another major attack on him.

I spent virtually all I had medically on my boy to the point that there was even no money to celebrate his first Birthday. You could see the condition affecting his breath, his weight, his eating habit, and many other parts of his body. One night after so many days of prayers and fasting for my son, I cried to the Lord and said, this boy, my wife and I have suffered too much because of this condition, please Lord instead of him going through these pains, take him home, but the Lord ignored that prayer. Finally a report came in, failure to thrive, Open Heart Surgery recommended. My Lord & My God! WHY!

But since the heart has not shown any sign that it wants to cover for over 13 months now, an Open Heart Surgery was the next option.

We started making plans to leave Nigeria for India or Israel for an Open Heart Surgery for my boy, and the bills nearly killed me. Somebody finally linked us up with the Open Heart Surgery that was about to take place at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital 'Ile Ife' and we finally made payment for the surgery to be carried out this August 2017, then what happened next, THE LORD STEPPED IN, already God had raised people to continue praying for my son from different angles, Church, Families, Friends, Colleagues, and finally the surgery was billed for the 7th August, 2017.

All was now set at Ife, the Doctors had flown in from India and all the necessary documentation had been made, I had signed the consent form, blood was ready, and the final check started to assess the level of the hole before the 7th, what next, confusion set in, the Doctors were not able to complete the reading of the Echo Report on the 4th, so they pushed it to the 6th of August, just a day to the official day for the surgery.

Now it was the 6th of August, (Sunday morning, my wife did not go with me to Ife, because she was hospitalized, back home), I was at the children's general ward, and they brought an Ambulance, took my son and I to the theatre that morning to check the level of the hole before the next day of the operation, we got there, they took the both of us inside, for the final check, that was when the wonders of God took place, they checked and checked, I stood there watching the Doctors and the Echo machine screen that reads the heart, even though I didn't even understand what I was seeing on the screen, the big drama started, the 1st Doctor asked, where is the hole, the 2nd The doctor answered, I can't see the hole.

One of the Indian Doctors, who is a Professor said, continue checking. But when the head surgeon at Ife discovered they were not making any headway in finding the hole, he said, THIS IS A MIRACLE!

Now I also got confused, I thought this people were making a mistake not seeing the hole, I was excepting a miracle when this boy was 3 months old, I never knew that a miracle had just taken place, it was after all said and done that one of the Indian Doctors took me aside and said to me, we can't find the hole in your son's heart anymore, so we are not opening his heart anymore, I tell you the truth people of God, I got more confused. In my heart I was saying, this people are making a mistake, but how could it be a mistake, whereby I cannot even read what I was seeing on the screen, and the professionals who could read the screen were telling me, hole no more found.

People of God, it was a miracle; a miracle had taken place, My Lord & My God! WHAT? That was how I came back home with my son, Open Heart Surgery suspended, canceled, no more; Hallelujah to the Lamb! That is my testimony! GLORY TO GOD!

As I was reading the above Story before publishing, I was looking for areas where I could chip in here and there but didn’t find a suitable spot. I know the whole story and I know my friend was in a haste to share the testimony. So he didn’t even bother telling us the various obstacles, difficult hurdles, and unpleasant situations that he had to cross. I tell you, those are stories for a whole book. Some Children went in for that same operation and couldn’t make it!

This brings me to a concluding message; No matter what you are going through right now, a Miracle is right next to you. I believe God didn’t want that OPEN HEART Surgery to take place. I believe God was waiting at the Big Scene where the TESTIMONY would be loudest! I believe God wanted to show us that He is still God and He is never too late! This is Indeed is a Notable Miracle! No One can deny this!
You may know someone that is going through a similar situation and it is as if they are losing all hope. Share this story with them and encourage them to keep pursuing medical solutions while asking God for that Miracle. Never lose hope! God is never too late!!!!

What are your thoughts on this? 


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