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Magic of this Morning! There are two bus stops that are close to each other at School To Land Ireibe; OKRA MARKET Bus Stop and SCHOOL TO LAND Bus Stop. It's normal to see the two Bus Stops Crowded in the Mornings especially on OILMILL MARKET DAY like this Morning! Usually, Taxis and Buses stop at those two Bus Stops to Drop or Pick Passengers.  So, this Morning, a Taxi dropped a Woman IN-BETWEEN the two Bus Stops. Passengers from the two Bus Stops began to move towards the Taxi from both ends just to take over the One Chance. But to everyone's surprise the Taxi Zoomed Off without carrying anybody. Hehehehehe! In a Flash of Seconds the woman that happily came down from the Taxi started behaving strange. H er face changed to someone who has lost a fortune. She called a bike man and asked him to Pursue, Overtake and Recover. The Bike Man took off with the woman who was almost crying!  People started speculating if she will catch up with them or not b


So that Friday Morning on the 5th of September 2014, the Whether-man didn't say it was going to rain oo! Invitations had gone far and near that a bride was to be taken on that day. The destination was Okumagba in Warri, Delta State of Nigeria. Of course if you know the Waffis very well you will know that blocking major roads and streets for an occasion was a normal thing. In fact it shows that something big is going down. The Bride's Mother had gathered some conglomerates of Caterers and Associate Caterers like a day before and by Thursday night the fine aroma of fried fish and meat was on air! Oh I can’t forget to thank those Women in Warri oo! They really saved the day! Imagine hiring a professional caterer for Traditional Marriage and Church Wedding! Not that it is not good to hire them ooo! Trust me, if the money dey they are the best to go for because they make an event easier. But Nna mehn! N250,000  never reach anywhere to cook for Church Wedding reception oo! But w