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Our Land was pure. The grass was green. Our Water was clean. The leaves could cure. We drank from the stream With leaves bridged to the rock as cups. As we laved our body under the heavy drops, Our body needed no cream. We were at peace The Palm wine tasted like honey. The village square was our group chat. Words were strong and laughter from the heart. Love was not bought with money. Our Farms yielded with interest. We had enough to eat and ship. Our eyes are closed when we sleep. We worked, worked and had our rest. We were not at war Our Merchants traveled South, West and North. With products of trade for exchange of coins. Women were married not just for groins. Deals were made, no one was fought. Then came the experts with hats and guns. They took our lands and made us Roomers. They deceived our neighbors and made us brothers. Our rights were taken and we became their puns. We were just neighbours They joined No

He Saved the day!

My People of Everyday Community how una dey? Long time o! I say make I bring una this story as e dey hot for my body. I know that they may be other stories like this out there and I believe this story will motivate you.  But, before I start this story, I want to ask a question; Will you like any of your Child in Primary or Secondary School to learn a trade or handwork even as he or she is still schooling? While you think of that question, here is the story. This afternoon I returned from Church and needed to do some work on my Laptop. Battery was low and Power was out. In fact we have not had light in two weeks. PHEDC only brought the light yesterday morning and left it for us for only 3 hours. Na so we done dey till now. That's not my story for today. I needed Power to work and so, I went to start the generator but the rope decided to withdraw its services immediately I drew it. This was a rope that served me last night oo! That was how my head started tr