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He Saved the day!

My People of Everyday Community how una dey?
Long time o! I say make I bring una this story as e dey hot for my body.

I know that they may be other stories like this out there and I believe this story will motivate you. 

But, before I start this story, I want to ask a question;

Will you like any of your Child in Primary or Secondary School to learn a trade or handwork even as he or she is still schooling?

While you think of that question, here is the story.

This afternoon I returned from Church and needed to do some work on my Laptop. Battery was low and Power was out. In fact we have not had light in two weeks. PHEDC only brought the light yesterday morning and left it for us for only 3 hours. Na so we done dey till now. That's not my story for today. I needed Power to work and so, I went to start the generator but the rope decided to withdraw its services immediately I drew it. This was a rope that served me last night oo! That was how my head started transmitting confusion! I needed to send out a document before 4pm. 

I had to borrow Laptop from the Managing Director of the House who had planned to use her Laptop to see a movie. Thanks to OneDrive by Microsoft. I had to log in and pull out the files I needed from my OneDrive to work in MD's Laptop. Finally, I was able to send out the documents.

So, I decided to go look for a Generator Mechanic on a Sunday evening. Where I go find Generator Person naa? My Plan was to head towards the express but decided to ask an electronic shop owner for directions since I am new in the neighborhood. As the Man was trying to look for a contact to give me, another man who was sitting near his shop directed me somewhere along the road and asked me to look for Nwa Aba. Hehehehehehe! I never knew there was someone like that around the area. He was so sure that the Mechanic's shop will be open even on a Sunday. 

It's good to know your environment.
My advice; if you move into a new neighborhood, try and take a walk around and see what is around you. You never can tell when you will need something. 

I got there eagerly expecting to meet the nwa Aba Mechanic. I met two kids there. I told them that I was looking for nwa Aba and they informed me that he has gone for meeting. I looked around me and behold a large workshop and display of Mechanical Merchandise for both Generators and Auto Mobiles. 

The older child asked me what I wanted. I asked him if they sell Generator rope and he answered in affirmative. He ordered the younger child to get me the Generator rope. A lot of things went through my mind at that time;

1. "So, these small boys are already apprentice at this early age"
2.  "What happened to their education?"
3. "Are they undergoing the normal seven years training with their master?:
4. " Can they handle the shop and customers when their Oga is not around ?"
5. "Are they living with their Parents?"

Just as I was reflecting on these questions and questioning their ability to attend to me, a woman came down from her car and asked for two items. They elder Child ordered the younger child to get those items together with the Generator rope. They got the items, brought down the woman's Generator from her car, replaced the items, started the Generator, and the Generator was in perfect order. Wow! The woman was as surprised as I was. She informed me during our conversation that it was her husband (who wasn't at home at that time) that insisted that she should go to nwa Aba's shop and that she never knew such place existed. 

It is good to be good at what you do. It is the easiest and cheapest way to get high level marketing of your business. Referral Marketing. Your work will speak to people through people!

I didn't meet the owner of the shop but met Children who were well able to manage the shop in terms of Sales and Services. The owner was confident enough to leave his shop in the hands of two children. Not to think of the large amount of goods displayed there. 

But, not good to judge without getting the facts.
Those children looked too relax and well fed to be boy boy (apprentice). Yes! 

Do you think those children were serving their Master or Children of the Owner of the shop?

Already, the older child had promised to follow me to my compound to fix my Generator rope if my place is not far from their workshop. So, I waited until he was done attending to customers who came to pick different items. He instructed the younger one not to leave the shop and followed me to me house. In less than 4 minutes he was done! He started the Generator and walked out of my house. I gave him the money for the rope and services, he took it, thanked me and ran out of my compound. 

Guess what!
This boy, Uchenna (not original name) will be 14 years I'm few months. He is in SS1. He attends a big private school in the neighbourhood. He lives with his parents. 

I bet you, this boys knows far more than a lot of Engineering graduates in Nigeria in terms of practical work.

Shouldn't we introduce skills acquisition in our early age schools?

I don't know what you are thinking and concluding right now but the truth is that by the time that kid is in the university and if properly guided, he will be making some good money fixing engines.

Apart from that, he saved my Sunday. We distributed megawatts to to all the sections of my apartment. What would our Sunday look like if not for that boy?

He saved the day!


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