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This morning I came out as usual to pick my normal Keke ride to the express and discovered that there was not a single Keke on the road . So, I walked to the express this morning. Getting to the East West Road there was a mighty rushing crowd gathered there. Obviously, those were the Keke drivers. It was not difficult to deduce that something was going on. All the Keke drivers from Eneka road to Okporo road were gathered there. I walked up to some of them in order to find out what was going on. From what I gathered the taxes levied on them are increasing . First you need to pay N25,000 to register as a Keke driver. Then you pay N2,000 for MOT. And finally you buy tickets on daily basis. Now, their Chairman has asked them to pay N7,000 for MOT and they are kicking against it sighting other Keke areas paying N2,000. Why should theirs be any different? What do you say about this?