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This Country! This is my Country! Where logistics is not feasible Where Citizens are armbushed at night This is my Country A Nation not birth in Nationhood While men slept the enemy planted weed This Country! This is my Country! Abnormal things are just normal Officers are managed with a remote Control What you see is not what it is What you think is not what you will see This my Country  Nothing wey you no fit see Na like this we don dey push My Country oooo! Mediocrity is used as a reference point Current Failure is blamed on the past Systems don't work! People get paid! Private Companies just like Government If you think I lie check NEPA This is my Country! Na so we see am Please don't ask if this is a poem or not My Country has no Pattern The Rhymes don't flow as you expect Nothing is literally expressed Figures of speech must be deciphered And what you understand is not what it is This my Country! Where are the Prophets? Did you se


I need to be there ASAP! This was the only thought that passed through Nimi’s mind as he waited patiently to top up his fuel tank at Sobaz filling station at Eleme Junction. It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon with less traffic at the toll gate coming into Port Harcourt from Obigbo. “What a useless Aba-Port Harcourt expressway” he whispered to himself. After paying the fuel attendant, he got into the car, made a quick look around, hit the accelerator of the bright white Toyota Corolla and made his way onto Aba road heading to Artillery.  He noticed that Aba road was usually free so he hit the accelerator till it got to 120km/hr. After all, if there was one thing a Toyota is known for, it was definitely speed! Factor in a 2018 XSE 4- door Sedan and he knew he could surely fly! On getting to the fly over after Airforce junction he noticed a crazy unexplained traffic before Bori Camp bus stop, so he made a turn to his right through the Port Harcourt Pleasu


A Psalm of Umaben When the enemies come like a flood They gathered roundabout me with their rod Their hands were stretched forth to take my peace They took an oath that the battle will never cease When my case was presented before their gods They sold a lie as they barked like dogs They have constantly threatened to reduce me And have decided what my fate will eventually be When their lords forged their fierce swords in fire To rip my heart apart was their sole desire They have concluded that help is beyond my reach And have my soul as their celebration dish When I heard the sounds of their chariots As they approached my gate like a mighty riot They have loaded their gun-room with my weaknesses And set their arrows with many false witnesses When I saw their army marching all year long And their projectiles I heard like a mystic war song They pledged to bury my name in the valley of history As they prepared to tell the end of my sad