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Market Women React to continued Market Closure due to Covid-19

Bargaining, noise, crowd and tight spaces; these are some of the things that makes Naija markets fun and unique.  Covid-19 has had a big impact on everyone and everything and the markets are not left out either. However as we began to take measures and find ways to cope with this pandemic, things are beginning to return to normalcy.  Most Markets that were shut down, due to the Covid-19 preventive measures have been reopened. While this brought joy to many traders and their customers alike, some markets are still under lock and key.  Captured below are videos from our visit to Slaughter market in Port Harcourt, Rivers State; which is one of these markets that are yet to reopen.  What are your thoughts on this? Should this market be reopened? How did you feel the impact of Market closure during the Lockdown? Did the closure of the Markets reduce the spread of the virus in Nigeria? See what these traders had to say. 

Tell Somebody "e go better"

Unveiling #EGoBetter ​ coming soon from OneLaugh TV. Be expectant! In these days of lockdown Tell somebody "e go better" In these days of inflation Tell somebody "e go better" In these days of poverty Tell somebody "e go better" In these days of pandemic Tell somebody "e go better" Keep a positive mindset and go about your legal business. One thing is sure for you; E Go BETTER. Tell somebody say e go better! Yesterday may have been bad but today will be good! Last week may have been disappointing but this week is promising! Last Month may have been all about failures but this is the month of success! Last Year may have been stormy but this is the year of all round peace! We go make am! Everything we fall in place for us and at the end of it all, it shall be alright!