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#5,000,000 still get power for this NAIJA?

 Tough times don’t last, tough people do!! There’s this will to survive, no matter the odds that almost, if not all Nigerians have. No matter how the condition wan be, we just keep on pressing. This strong Will and drive is one reason I can proudly say, NAIJA FOR LIFE 😄 because we no go ever carry last.  Life might be hard, things may be difficult but we have that Hope that there is always a silver lining behind every dark cloud and this too shall pass. So we bring you Courage and Hope; don’t give up don’t stop pressing on, keep pushing, you go make am, we go make am.  As things rough so for Naija, if we give you Five Million Naira #5,000,000 wetin you go carry am do? For some people, the money no make sense self and can't even solve their problems but for some others, N5,000,000 will settle them for life! Well as eh be, everybody get their own “perfect plan”. See some responses below and tell us your own for the comment section.  No forget say as long as life dey, hope dey. Las l