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The Countryman Book

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People become separated from reality amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. The stress of making a living takes their attention away from the task of making life itself count. Concerned about keeping up with job demands, they are steered, unfortunately, from the core of their personalities such that they become strangers to their very selves. In consequence, they lack motivation for the crow of the cock at dawn and draw no inspiration from the graceful dip of the sun beyond the western horizon when the very serious matters of the day are done. To pull free from the limitations imposed by the burdens of life, there is need to get closer to yourself, to explore the deep recesses of your mind so as to understand how you subconsciously relate with life; to examine what really makes you happy and unravel what brings out the very best in you. This is reflection that is especially effective when guided. Guiding your reflection is where this book, The Countryman, comes in.
The book is a collection of poetic writings by a beloved friend Uma Ota, done over several eventful years and laced with a few contributions by other amazing poets. It is a tool for meditative reference and is very easy to digest.

Uma's enthusiasm for life leaves me breathless, and there is plenty he does that will invigorate your personal pursuits. He is a positive influence to his family, friends, profession, church, former schools, old associations et cetera. The interactions he has had from this spectrum of connections adequately qualifies him to compose this book of poetry, not to mention his creative mind, patriotic stance, and incredible sense of humor. You will find in his writing diplomacy without sitting on the fence, and blunt truths without divisive intent. His convictions are clear and leave no doubts about the direction of his goals.

So, it is here at last: the book! I had wondered over the years when such a volume as this that documents Uma's random expressions on social media, and which provokes serious thought and raucous laughter, would be unleashed on the world. Take a breath of relief now and fasten your seat belts. Have fun plus some inevitable sober moments as you journey through the verses of this book.
- Kene Ugo, author, Nightmares in Retrospect.


The Countryman expresses his reflections. Essays became lengthy, prose became bulky, stage plays became heavy and music became noisy. He chose to give life to the characters in his inner man through poems and musings. He is constantly angry with the way the wheels of his country are steered. There is a fundamental problem which he cannot seem to lay his finger on. Every minute of every day, headlines are screaming of bad news abound: the news is not new. He lives life lamenting and wishing for opportunities to leave the country. 

Those in government have made matters worse. They have ruined everything! But who are those in the government? Are they not fellow countrymen and women? The Countryman realizes that the change he seeks must first come from within him. The Countryman must reflect on the activities of his soul.
“I woke up with Skeletons this morning. I knew I needed to go Back to Base because I wasn’t mourning. There was No Greater Sacrifice to get me His Peace today. But, What If I need Only the Expert Just Like Yesterday? The Tribute to a Candle made me Stick to the Fight. But, When Death Comes, I Will Just Be Myself, cause My Soul to Manifest and discern The Man From God.”

The soul could not have been possible without a porter. If The Countryman must change himself, he must align himself with his maker. For man is a spiritual being and the things of the spirit are spiritually discerned. The maker himself made it clear that his sheep hear his voice. So, the Countryman must purposefully meditate on redemption made available by his maker.
“Hear the voice! Hush! Wait! Yes, but, His blood, His Bloody Bill, The Blood and The Passion of Jesus Christ. I hear a Voice, the voice of My Dear Friend saying to me, Talithacumi. Believe Me, I Will Be Closer, he also said to me. Then I lifted up my voice and offered my African Praise and said Our Lord’s Prayer.”

In life, a man that is at peace with his soul and maker should be at peace with the people around him. Otherwise, The Countryman cannot push for the desired change that he wants to see in his community and by extension, his country. The Countryman must make conscious efforts to follow peace at all times and not to always hurt those he loves.
“You must Love! But when you love, just know that Love’s Step is not All In The Legs. You must not be in Friend-ship with every Promising Young Man. And when things fall apart, Let Love Burn Again. But, remember to keep The Good Things You Have, for when they are gone, you will wish to get them Back Again!”
At last we are here! The state of the country is not where we all wish it would be. We have laid blames on the government for so long, but we are all part of the processes. The educated are just there complaining and the uneducated are used as instruments of disruption, placing embargoes on the wheels of progress. We kill ourselves to protect the very people who are making us kill ourselves. The countryman sees hope in the midst of his musings. 

“My Country has been Plunged In Ruins. We Are At War with ourselves and the Black Treasure has brought us so much grief and poverty instead of development. Some say the country will not last for long. 
Do you see any glimpse of hope? If You Believe So, then, Don’t Let Them! The story of The Mistress And The Wife is a classic example of our electoral process. We are like Blacks On The Block, with our wealth Stolen, we behold the Destitute of Our Land. We all are like The Wounded Man screaming Happy Demo-crazy In Nigeria where Green Is Expensive, there is fire on the mountain, The Road is Bad and They’ve Spoilt everything! With the irony in The Blessed-Aptitudes, The Countryman is seeking an Escape route.

Follow The Countryman and journey through this book as he finally reflects on better days to come. Don’t you wish for a better day?

If you wish to join the Countryman in this experience then GET A COPY today.


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